Collection of yard and garden ideas

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Maintaining a garden can provide many health benefits, such as increasing your exposure to vitamin D, improves your bone health, and lowers your blood pressure. Gardening can also ward off stress and boost your happiness.

Are you the type that loves entertaining? Do you like to be the designated house for all the family gatherings, and the place you and your friends seem to get together? An outdoor entertainment area simply expands your home, giving you even more space to relax and unwind.

If solar panels seem like an expensive proposition, start by using outdoor solar lights for your home. This simple addition is an inexpensive, easy, and cost-effective way to introduce yourself to solar energy.

Wood remains a common choice when it comes to decks. However, if you want to know about solid alternatives to wood decking, you’ll find this list helpful.

Large trees such as maples offer important shade and beauty to any garden. And some maples grow very fast to provide the tree landscaping you need. But what makes the maple tree a favorite is a beautifully shaped leaf and the varying colors – especially in the fall.

Summer is a time to enjoy the outside. but watch our for the mosquito. It hovers everywhere looking for people like you to bite. That can make your outdoor fun unpleasant. So fight back with some mosquito control ideas inside with pics and resource information

Getting ready for fall – in gardening and garden displays. The best flower to use are the chrysanthemums. Use them to celebrate fall colors and harvest.

When it comes to designing decks, function and form go hand in hand. At first, constructing one from scratch may seem like a daunting task. With proper guidance, however, any homeowner can turn a mediocre hangout spot into a useful and stylish extension of their living space.

When it rains, you can expect the water to drain properly around your home and throughout your yard. But what if it doesn’t? Then we suggest you look through the infographic below for yard drainage solutions. It will protect your home foundation and yard from drainage issues.

Delphinium flowers – just when you need a burst of color that shoots straight up to the sky. These perennials make a great backdrop against a wall or fence.

Sheds are not just for keeping your gardening tools and equipment but can also serve a myriad of purposes. Garden sheds should be designed charmingly to enhance the overall look of the backyard of the house.

When it comes to home improvement, function can matter as much as form. While you want your building to be aesthetically pleasing, you also want it to be secure and safe. A fence is a great way to add style, security and privacy to your property.

Swimming in a pool is a refreshing way to cool off during the summer months. It’s also a way to entertain friends and neighbors. However, you need to determine if your yard is suitable for building the pool that you want.

Canna lilies – one of garden’s favorite summer perennial flower. They have beautiful, sub-tropical leaves with colorful flowers that continue to bloom.

As global climate change intensifies, some people have become convinced there is nothing they can do to help the earth. Instead of giving up, a better strategy is to look for ways to make small, positive changes where you live.

Summer gardening is a whole different ball game than other seasons. With all that sunshine, it’s hard to stay out of the gardens. People like to use this season to play with their methods, their plant choices, and other fun landscaping ideas.

Cosmo can mean two different things. It could mean the cosmo universe or the cosmo garden. Either way, cosmo gives a lot of color for the garden and sky.

The terrace or patio can be a relaxing place to spend some quality ‘Me time’. Usually, it happens that we pay a lot of attention decorating our homes and interiors but terraces are spaces that hardly catch our attention.

When you need a simple flower the shines with lots of color, consider the verbena flower. It takes some bit of care, but it’s worth the color and array.

Summer is coming up! Time to get the swimming pool ready. But wait! What if you don’t have a pool in the backyard. Maybe it’s time to start considering one. So start your planning for your backyard swimming pool by first considering these swimming pool design ideas.

You can add something really nice to your backyard that will bring joy and entertainment to entire family. It’s putting in a pond. Better yet, putting in a pond with a cascading waterfall.

When you need a deep blue color for your garden bed or container, turn to the lobelia flower. It comes in deep blue and other beautiful colors.

There are so many ways you can decorate your garden. But the question is how to use yard decor without being tacky. The ideas is to create a decor item that compliments your landscaping design.

We all desire the perfect curb appeal that allows our property to stand out high above the rest. Unfortunately, many of us play landscape-weekend-warrior and try to tackle some of the tougher projects on our own.

When you need bold n’ varying colors for your garden, consider the hardy pansy. A delicate flower with bold colors and easy to grow in cooler climates.

Having a bird paradise in your backyard is a fun hobby and attraction for the entire family. Birds give you beautiful bird songs, color, and variety of different types for observation and learning. Plus birds add to your backyard environment by eating insects.

The garden pathway connects varying points in your landscape that allows for foot traffic from the garage to your backyard patio, to your pond and other varying spots in the the landscape, or to just simply segment garden beds for viewing and maintenance.

You just might have a spot here and there where a creeping nasturtium can fill up the space. They are hardy and add a colorful display.

Garden landscape inspiration can be developed by looking at professionally design gardens. You can collect ideas how to plant a flower garden – manicure your lawn – add illumination on a particular garden area.

A backyard pool can provide you with some nice benefits. It can make the view out of your back windows more picturesque and it allows you to swim without the disturbance of strangers that you might get in a public pool.