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financing options

Financing Options

You have two fairly common options: 1) applying for a home equity line of credit or loan; 2) refinancing your home with a cash out option.

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bank equity program

Bank Equity Program

The equity in your home can become a bank for financing home improvement, college, and even paying off your mortgage. You become the bank.

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qualify for financing

Getting Qualified

Four items needed to qualify for financing. a) a home appraisal; b) your credit rating and score; c) your debt ratio; d) your employment.

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finance calculators


Use these simple calculator to estimate monthly payment, loan amounts, compare two loans, ratio analysis, and much more.

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check credit

Check Your Credit

You will need a high credit score to get the best financing rates and terms. Check your score before making an application for financing.

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negotiate lending rates

View/Negotiate Rates

With he fundamentals in place - meaning a good appraisal, high credit score, and low deb ratios, you are in position to negotitate best rates.

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