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Cultivating Your Space: 4 Signs You Could Use a Professional Interior Designer

Tweet If so, consider these four signs that indicate you should definitely hire a professional interior decorator. Your Home Need Upgrading, but You Get Overwhelmed Thinking About Doing the Upgrades

Laundry Room

12 Tips for Improving or Creating a Better Laundry Room

What are the 6 key things that are needed for a laundry room? And the 6 unique ways to improve your current laundry room.

Home Decor

Top Paint Colors for 2014

Tweet Renovate your home this year with the latest colors. But, that doesn’t mean that other fanciful colors won’t take over including some that might be just as eccentric as

Walls and Painting

Easy Tips to Help You Choose the Right Paint Finish for Every Room of Your House

Tweet The right colors can calm you down or rejuvenate and inspire you. Having an understanding of colors, therefore, can help you make the right decisions when it comes to

Home Renovation

Guest Stay: How to Ready Your Home for Christmas Visitors

Tweet You knew that your home was short of room, but you didn’t expect that one or more of your guests would be consigned to the couch for their Christmas

Kitchen and Dining

Quick Kitchen Updates That Make an Impact

Tweet Consider the following easy-to-do and affordable projects that will have your Thanksgiving and Christmas guests admiring your fast work. 1. Organize the counters. The first project to tackle is

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Paint it Right, Paint it Fast

Tweet Fortunately, you can tackle a room or two in a day and still have time to relax later on. You might also split your work into manageable portions, buying

Exterior Home

Bondo For Simple Wood Repairs

Rotted and cracked wood on the exterior of your home can have you up in arms, especially if you are concerned that further damage can lead to problems within the home.

Home Decor

Refreshing Home Decorative Tips That Show No Sign Of Fading

Sometimes we all could use a little change in our lives. Staring at the same walls, the same paintings and the same colors day in and day out can prove to be quite dull.

Home Decor

Make Your Living Room Cozy This Winter

Your Christmas decorations have been packed up and put away, revealing just how spartan your living room looks during the winter. It may be gloomy outside, but that gloominess does not need to invade your home, especially in your living room where you and your family spend most of the time.

Walls and Painting

7 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Shade of Paint

Choosing the right shade of paint isn’t easy. In fact, most people spend more time picking out a shade of paint than they do actually painting with it. Unfortunately, if you want a room that shines, you really need to take your time when choosing the paint.

Kitchen and Dining

How to Renovate & Organize a Kitchen Pantry

A kitchen pantry is the backbone of many homes, offering a convenient place to store dry goods and nonperishables. Pantries have changed down through the years, going from an essential storage area to an optional one in many homes thanks to refrigeration.

Kitchen and Dining

The Latest Trends in Kitchen Colors

The kitchen is the center of many homes, and is the most popular room in the house offers Families.com. Today’s kitchens are larger, updated and multi-functional, with some serving as food preparation, family meeting area and even an office wrapped up in one.

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How to Make a Small Area Appear Larger

Tweet Making do with what you have is something interior designers have been making happen for years. Their services are sought after by city apartment dwellers and first time homeowners

Bed and Bath

6 Bathroom Updates on a Budget

Tweet With you and your spouse working side by side, you can update your bathroom in a weekend and enjoy your refreshed room by Monday. 1. Replace the mirror –


Simple Steps to Turn Your Garage Into a Room

Tweet If you have an attached garage, you have in-home space just waiting to be converted into a room. Homeowners looking for additional living space may resort to turning a