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Is Your Basement Apartment Legal?

Tweet Moreover, your home is now valued higher than before and would be an attractive investment for any buyer. Get within the law for your below ground apartment. Legal Matters

General Home Decor

Using Frames to Fill Up Negative Wall Space

Tweet Using Frames to Fill Up Negative Wall Space And you don’t have to be a world renowned interior designer to come up with new and fabulous ways to utilize

General News

How to Prepare Your Rental Home for a Tenant

Tweet Kerb Appeal — How does your home look from the street? If a tenant’s initial reaction isn’t a good one, then its kerb appeal may be weak. With a


Should You Pursue Loft Living?

Tweet Loft living offers a number of distinct advantages including an open floor space, high ceilings and typically large square footage. Should you pursue loft living? Yes, if you want

Home Buying-Home Selling

Help on How to Find the Right Property

Tweet Finding the right property is something that many people have difficulty with. The increase in the number of people looking to rent since the housing market was affected by

General Home Decor

12 Tips and Tricks for Decorating Small Spaces

Tweet Whether you are decorating a small bedroom, a foyer, or a living room that isn’t exactly the size that you want it to be, making the most of your

Bed and Bath

Choosing Double Beds for the Bedroom (TV Beds)

Tweet Know the Room and the People Before you go out to buy the bed, you should first know details related to size. Measure the room to write down the


Garage Storage Ideas to Help You Declutter

Tweet If you want to rescue your garage from its present predicament, there are a number of storage options available to you. Do it right and you just may find

Home Interior

6 Money Saving Renovation Strategies

Tweet Your next home improvement project promises to be a large one, allowing you to finally tackle those jobs you’ve put off for too long. Perhaps you’re putting on a


Convert Your Attic Into a Stellar Room

Tweet Celestial viewing has been practiced since the dawn of the age, with kingdoms rising and falling as the stars move across the heavens. Look! A comet! The joy of

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Use Your Tax Refund for Home Improvement Projects

Tweet You’re getting money back from the IRS this year, funds that you can save or put to some other use such as paying off your credit cards, funding a

Doors and Windows

The Changing Tone of Door Chimes

Tweet Change or bring in a new door chime sound. Change is particularly welcome if you have chimes for two or more doors and those chimes are hard to tell

Kitchen and Dining

The Latest Trends in Kitchen Colors

Tweet If your kitchen’s colors are growing tired, you can apply a fresh coat of paint as well as update select surfaces to make this room shine. Read on for

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Thrifty Renovation: Your Next Painting Project!

Tweet A fresh coat of paint can liven any home. With a fresh coat of paint, you can give your home a fresh look, bringing a sparkle to your cabinets,

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5 Home Security Tips That Add Value to Your Home

Tweet There are so many home security tips and tricks out there, but they always focus on making your home into a fortress, not a house you are proud to

Home Structure

What to Look for in a Home Security Alarm System

Tweet Telemarketer pitches can be handled by asking marketers to put you on their “do not call” list. Once that has been done, you may want to review your security

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Food Storage Rotation Done Right

Tweet How to store your bulk food items. Read on for some tips on a how to store food properly and rotate your stock correctly. Your needs — Firstly, you’ll


Top 5 Unusual Uses For Lofts And Attics

Tweet Some people enjoy cozy, claustrophobic spaces. Others need more airy-feeling areas. So go ahead and take your personal needs, likes, dislikes, and finances into consideration.  Rented Room One could

Home Theater

How to Build a Home Theater and Must-Haves to Include

Tweet By Alex Levin Anyone can slap together a television and some speakers, but it takes a special touch to create a truly awesome home theater. You need to carefully

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How Solar Panels Can Be Easier On the Eye

Tweet Recent studies suggest that solar panels can increase the value of a home, with homeowners recouping the cost of investment upon selling their home. In the U.S., the sale