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Is Your Basement Apartment Legal?

You’ve poured tens of thousands of dollars into your basement, transferring it from a lifeless storage area into a viable rental space. With a new tenant in place, you’re collecting money each month that helps you with your mortgage.

Walls and Painting

Using Frames to Fill Up Negative Wall Space

These days, picture frames are not just for pictures. In the world of interior design, picture frames have become an artistic way to fill up negative wall space.

General News

How to Prepare Your Rental Home for a Tenant

If you are thinking of renting your home a few minor improvements can easily improve your chances of finding a tenant quickly and at a higher rent. Let’s take a look at some minor home renovations you can tackle before you seek a tenant.


Should You Pursue Loft Living?

City dwellers know that one of the best places to set up a residence is in a converted loft building. Such buildings may have been previously used for industrial or commercial purposes and later repurposed for residential living.

Home Buying-Selling

Help on How to Find the Right Property

Finding the right property is something that many people have difficulty with. The increase in the number of people looking to rent since the housing market was affected by the recession means that there are more people than ever competing for the available flats and houses to rent.

Home Interior Design

12 Tips and Tricks for Decorating Small Spaces

Whether you are decorating a small bedroom, a foyer, or a living room that isn’t exactly the size that you want it to be, making the most of your space is crucial.

Bed and Bath

Choosing Double Beds for the Bedroom (TV Beds)

Choosing the right type of double beds for your bedroom can prove more challenging that it might look. You have to take into consideration a lot of factors due to the fact that the bed is an investment made for a long period of time.


Garage Storage Ideas to Help You Declutter

Your garage is filled up with stuff, but one thing that cannot be found in it is your car. Like many Americans your garage has become a storage center, an unorganized one at that, with your car left out in the elements, collecting dirt, dust and bird debris day in and day out.

Home Interior

6 Money Saving Renovation Strategies

Tweet Your next home improvement project promises to be a large one, allowing you to finally tackle those jobs you’ve put off for too long. Perhaps you’re putting on a


Convert Your Attic Into a Stellar Room

A simple home improvement project provides entertainment for the entire family. You’ve taken your family to the planetarium and your children gaze upward in wonder at the starry firmament beamed across the ceiling.

Home Interior

Use Your Tax Refund for Home Improvement Projects

You’re getting money back from the IRS this year, funds that you can save or put to some other use such as paying off your credit cards, funding a vacation or perhaps handling a long-desired home improvement project.

Doors and Windows

The Changing Tone of Door Chimes

A gentle “ding-dong” signals that someone is at your front door. The sound is one that you’re familiar with, but you may be ready for a change.

Kitchen and Dining

The Latest Trends in Kitchen Colors

The kitchen is the center of many homes, and is the most popular room in the house offers Today’s kitchens are larger, updated and multi-functional, with some serving as food preparation, family meeting area and even an office wrapped up in one.

Home Decor

Thrifty Renovation: Your Next Painting Project!

Homeowners seeking to brighten up their homes may want to undertake full-scale renovation, but their finances may not support this option. You may be able to borrow the money, but your financial picture isn’t strong enough to support loan payments.

Home Utility

5 Home Security Tips That Add Value to Your Home

Home security doesn’t have to be ugly. Armed with the right information and a little creativity, you can add value to your home while making it safer and deterring burglars.

Home Structure

What to Look for in a Home Security Alarm System

Do you have a home security alarm system? That makes for a very personal question, but it is something that telemarketers routinely ask. Personally, I wonder if it isn’t a crook on the other end of the line, trying to gauge my home’s alarm system, information I never share publicly.

General News

Food Storage Rotation Done Right

Having enough food on hand is important for many families. Not just what you need for the next few days or weeks, but food you can keep months, even years.


Top 5 Unusual Uses For Lofts And Attics

If you are lucky enough to have an attic or loft, there are a number of ways to use it, and no matter what use you eventually employ the space for, you are the one who will live with it. Themes, color schemes and illumination, flooring and furnishings make huge differences in atmosphere.

Home Theater

How to Build a Home Theater and Must-Haves to Include

If you combine the latest technology with your own unique design touches, you can end up with a pretty stupendous home theater system. The biggest limitation on the design process is your imagination, so you should let it run wild.

Home Utility

How Solar Panels Can Be Easier On the Eye

The popularity and uptake of solar panels has increased significantly over the past few years…which can perhaps be attributed to government incentive schemes such as the Feed-in Tariff, as well as increasing concern over the environment.