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Heating and Cooling

Simple Methods for Applying Fuel Efficiency in the Home

Tweet Below we take a look at six ways we can set about saving some money and having a far more fuel efficient home. Turn Down Thermostat When it gets

Financing Home Financing

How to Shop for a Mortgage

Tweet The mortgage market is more complex than it was before the last recession hit, making it more difficult for consumers to obtain financing. Tighter lending requirements, more stringent federal

Home Interior

Tips for Making Your Home More Awesome

Tweet With modern technology on your side, there are plenty of different ways to go about making your home more awesome. While you might expect this to be a relatively

Home Decor

8 Budget-Minded Christmas Decorating Tips

Tweet Just as easily as spending money on your holiday decor, you may find that you have the makings of new, festive ornamentation available around your home. Please read on

Home Interior

Fixing the Fixer-Upper You’re Living In

Tweet If you are thinking it’s not in your budget, you may have the wrong expectations of what you are going to be doing. Start with the rooms in your

Home Values

Average House Prices in the UK

Tweet If you are planning on moving house there are several factors that you should consider before settling on an area to move to. It is important that you find

Home Decor

Retro and Vintage Furniture Trends

Tweet The furniture of our youth, even our grandparents’ youth is back in style. Not everything is hot, then again that may not matter as nearly anything that is old


Tips for Packing for Your Next Move

Tweet Packing for a move can be an incredibly stressful process. There are so many different things to take into consideration that it can be positively head-spinning, especially for those

Home Decor

7 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Shade of Paint

Tweet Choosing the right shade of paint isn’t easy. In fact, most people spend more time picking out a shade of paint than they do actually painting with it. Unfortunately,

Home Structure

5 DIY Furnace Fixes

Tweet 1. Make Sure That the Thermostat is On Thermostats, especially those with many functions and buttons, can easily malfunction, causing your furnace to not turn on. Make sure that

Home Furniture

Leather Furniture Shopping – What to Look For

Tweet Leather furniture will cost you more than the typical polyester microfiber furniture store offering, but can be an investment you’ll be proud to own for many years. Leather Essentials

Home Structure

House Hunting Deals Destined for Doom

Tweet Before you make your offer, you’ll want to check carefully to ensure that your home doesn’t have the following deal breakers or what can ultimately doom your purchase. 1.

Home Financing

What Are My Mortgage Options?

Tweet 1. 30-year fixed rate. More mortgages are written as 30-year fixed rate loans than all other types combined. This mortgage remains popular as it can give homeowners an affordable,

Kitchen and Dining

The Rewards and Benefits of Either Fully or Partially Remodeling Your Kitchen

Tweet Here, we’ll show you reasons why a kitchen remodel is a great idea and what you can expect to gain from it. Remodeling Adds Value to Your Home Making

Home Decor

5 Festive Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas

Tweet We list five here including at least two that younger hands can make. 1. Use what you have. If your Halloween decorations are still up, put away your ghoulish


How to Convert a Garage to a Luxurious Office

Tweet Even a small home office with room for a couple of people will usually be outgrown rather quickly. Yet, buying or leasing office space can be terribly expensive. Not


Backyard Remodel: What’s Your Swimming Pool Personality?

Tweet With heating and covering options, these are dream backyards for any time of year. The Smooth Operator WWHD? What would “Hef” do? This is the question you should be

Kitchen and Dining

How to Install an Over-the-Range Microwave

Tweet Oftentimes the only thing limiting them is their budget or imagination. But while the sky’s the limit as far as some design schemes are concerned (most people can paint

Home Utility

Your Home is Your Castle…Literally

Tweet It can also mean your family and, if we’re being totally honest, your stuff. Your home is your castle, sometimes literally, and that means treating it like un-breachable kingdom.

Kitchen and Dining

The Difference Between Country and Rustic Kitchens

Tweet Your options for kitchen styles are unlimited; the sky is the limit. It’s all about creativity and imagination. You can find a wide variety of design ideas on the