12 Tips for Improving or Creating a Better Laundry Room

12 Tips for Improving or Creating a Better Laundry Room
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    What are the 6 key things that are needed for a laundry room?

    And the 6 unique ways to improve your current laundry room.


Whether you are designing a laundry room for a new home or remodeling one in your old home, you’ll find these tips helpful to create the best laundry room for your needs.

6 Necessities for a Laundry Room

1. Proximity to plumbing: if you want to locate or relocate your laundry room, make sure that plumbing is readily available. Hire a professional plumber for plumbing tasks as well as for dealing with gas lines for dryers.

2. Located near or at an exterior wall for dryer ventilation purposes.

3. Electricity: ensure that it can handle the demands of a washer and a dryer. Hiring an electrician ensures that the proper voltage outlets are provided.

4. Storage space: cabinets and organizers for laundry products, ironing board and iron, and for anything else.

5. Lighting: suitable lighting, preferably ceiling lights that illuminate brightly so you can see stains and see wrinkles in clothes as you iron.

6. Flooding: to provide protection in case of flooding, a drip pan under the washer is essential. For better insurance against flood damage, install a floor drain. In case of a leak, install an automatic shut off mechanism. An elevated threshold at the laundry room door prevents any water from damaging the rest of the house.

6 Elements That Improve a Laundry room

1. Decorate by choosing cabinet, window coverings, and paint to give the room lightness and cheer. Cabinets over the washer and dryer makes use of otherwise wasted space. They easily hold laundry detergent and aids for easy reach and use.

2. Racks for drying items that needs special drying or for hanging clothes as they come out of the dryer.

3. Well-organized: arrange the doors of the washer and dryer so movement of laundry flows without obstruction. Include counter space when possible to help with folding clothes, such as a counter over front-loading washers and dryers.

4. Flooring: choose attractive flooring when you choose vinyl or linoleum; as an alternative, consider cork flooring or the rubber mat flooring you find in gyms.

5. Insulation: unless you have a modern washer and dryer, you may want to reduce laundry sounds by insulating the walls; possibly putting a double layer of wallboard on all sides of the room as well as for the ceiling. Consider flooring that dampens sounds.

6. A laundry sink is a useful addition for when you have stubborn stains or mud to deal with. Sometimes they can hold special bleaching projects in small containers. Also it’s very handy for cleaning garden tools.

Know your Laundry Room Needs: think carefully about the tasks and steps involved in doing laundry in your household. Such information is vital in ensuring that you choose the elements above that will make up your best laundry room.

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An excellent resource is: http://www.bobvila.com/articles/planning-guide-laundry-room-ideas/



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