Quick Kitchen Updates That Make an Impact

Quick Kitchen Updates That Make an Impact
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    Are you looking to give your kitchen a boost before the holiday season?

    Short of a renovation, there are some things that you can do to make your kitchen more useful, functional, enjoyable and interesting to you, your family and your guests.


Consider the following easy-to-do and affordable projects that will have your Thanksgiving and Christmas guests admiring your fast work.

1. Organize the counters. The first project to tackle is your counter space. With guests filling your home, you have very little room for maneuverability. Take every seldom used item and place these in your cabinets. Keep only the items out that you use daily such as your microwave and your coffeemaker. The cost? No charge as you’ll be doing the work yourself.

2. Paint the walls. Slapping a quick coat of paint on your kitchen walls can brighten most any kitchen. And that job doesn’t have to involve all four walls. Instead, single out one wall that would look great with a distinctive, even contrasting color. It might be the focal point wall in the kitchen, such as the area where your kitchen table is located. The cost? About $20 for a bucket of paint and a paint brush.

3. Knobs and hinges. Swapping out the cabinet faces can prove to be a costly update. What you can do instead is switch out the cabinet knobs and, if needed, the hinges. You can also paint the cabinet faces to give it a fresh, statement defining look. Figure that you’ll pay upwards of $5 for each knob and hinge.

4. Install an island. Perhaps what your kitchen needs is a larger work area. Even after clearing the counters, you may lack the room to prepare your meals. Installing a kitchen island can provide a number of things including a new eating area, storage and work space. For small kitchens, consider an island that can be wheeled into place. Expect to pay $600 to $1,000 for a basic island.

5. Replace the kitchen faucet. You know that you have been begging your husband to fix the dripping kitchen faucet. You also know that it will snow in July before that happens. This can be a good time to completely replace the faucet, perhaps with a gooseneck design that will make the room pop. You’ll pay about $150 for a gooseneck faucet and nearly that much to have a plumber install it.

6. Add new lighting. Ambient lighting has come to the auto industry with cars outfitted with soothing colors to calm your mood. The same idea can be applied to your kitchen, with under cabinet fixtures adding visual appeal. Also consider replacing your main kitchen light fixture with one that reflects your current design philosophy. Lighting costs typically start at $50.

Getting it Done

Begin your kitchen update project as soon as possible, especially if you need to call in a plumber, an electrician or a carpenter for help. Wait too long and your project will be delayed, making it impossible for you to get everything done in time for the holiday season.

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