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Pest Control

Six Tips on Staying Safe While Getting Rid of Pests in Your Home

Tweet Everyone encounters a problem with insect pests of one kind or another at some time. While there are a number of commercial products available on the market to eradicate


DIY Deck: An Easy Guide to Building Your Own Backyard Deck

Tweet A backyard deck is great for any home, and perhaps you’ve always dreamed of enjoying a nice summer night with friends and family while relaxing on a deck.  Even

Driveways / Walkways

Power Wash Your Driveway With Confidence

You’ve power washed your deck and home siding, but you may have avoided your driveway and walk ways. Several seasons of rough weather have likely left your pavement looking discolored and dirty.


Five Flooring Options That Will Add Extra Flair to Your Home

Savvy interior designers often focus their attention on flooring when deciding how to decorate a room because it’s a feature that has a huge impact on the room’s mood and atmosphere.

Lighting and Decor

Outdoor Lights That Make Your Garden More Attractive

Tweet Even if all you want to do is gaze upon your beautiful garden, the right lights can make that both possible and delighting. Read on to learn about the

Yard and Garden

7 Spring Cleaning Safety Tips

Tweet After a long winter’s break you’re probably ready to get outside. Before you start your work, consider the following spring cleaning safety tips that can keep you and others

Yard and Garden

Backyard Birding: Getting Ready for Spring

As winter recedes and spring advances, you will begin to notice some changes around your yard. Of the feathery kind.


Different Types Of Domestic Cleaning Services

Any house that is clean will look better. It will be more beautiful and will be appreciated more. In addition, a clean house is great for your health.


Under Foot: How to Keep Your Stone Floor Looking Great

Carpets and hardwood have been the standard for some time when people are choosing the flooring for their homes. While these traditional looks have their merits, some homeowners are moving away from the norm and choosing natural stone flooring for their houses.

Garden Plants

The Four Best And Worst Trees To Plant In Your Yard And Why

Deciding which trees to plant in your yard can be a daunting task. There are many to choose from, but some are much more advantageous for your landscape than others.

Home Lighting

How to Create the Perfect Lighting for Your Home Office

If you work from home, your home office will be one of the most important rooms in your home.

Home Maintenance

New Home Owner? 6 Handy Fixes to Keep Your Home in Working Condition

Tweet Purchasing your first home is a major accomplishment that should be celebrated with family and friends. As a new homeowner, you’ll want to protect your investment with proper maintenance

Home Structure

Five Home Professionals You Should Always Have On Speed Dial

When you consider the number of systems operating in our homes (electrical, plumbing, HVAC, etc.) it’s surprising that we don’t have more crises that call for immediate attention. Just the same, when one of these emergencies does arise, you will need help from a professional and you’ll need it quickly.

Outdoor Structures

Bird Watching: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

Tweet These are some intriguing questions, the answers to which can only be found through two ways –online bird watching guide or bird watching. While the former is the quickest


Real Estate and Your Title Search

Tweet Rarely does a problem occur, but you should understand how this process works for your peace of mind. Definition A title search is actually an examination conducted of public

Ponds and Fountains

Complete Hot Tub Maintenance Guide

Tweet At the time you purchased a hot tub or spa, you might have been made aware of the kind of maintenance that it requires. Now, it is time to

Exterior Decor

5 Ways to Give Your Home an English Tudor Flair

Its not easy to re-create the asymmetrical Tudor look if your house isn’t already built in the style. Large gables and steeply pitched roofs aren’t simple additions. But there are other cheaper, simpler ways to mimic the characteristics of the Tudor home.


Oh No! Subprime Mortgages Make a Return

Tweet Making home buying easier for some consumers. The housing collapse that began in 2006 and 2007, preceded an overall economic contraction that wiped out trillions of dollars from the

Home Decor

Starter Home: 5 Ways to Turn Your New House Into a Personal Refuge

Buying a new home is a harrowing challenge followed by feelings of relief when the process is finished. Once done, you have your first home and can strive to make it a place of refuge and enjoyment.

Home Interior Design

5 Hints to Transform Your Living Room from Plain to Perfect

Tweet Go Bold With Color White or off-white walls are drab and show dust. Putting some color on your walls will instantly make your living room more appealing. Red is