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Outdoor Structures

3 Types of Greenhouses that will Suit Any Type of Gardener

You will find many advantages with having a greenhouse. You can learn to grow plants, herbs, vegetables and more for a more self-sustaining life. There are other benefits as well.

Swimming Pools

Five Design Ideas for Your Pool Deck

Warmer weather will be here before we know it, so it’s time to get your outdoor space ready for fun and entertaining.


7 Reasons to Build a Patio in Your Backyard

There are backyards and there are backyards. Homeowners who realize how privileged they are to own a backyard have long ago turned it into an organic garden or into an oasis of peace by implementing various features.


Seven Tips for Creating an Outdoor Cooking Space

As the temperature gets warmer, you may have already started thinking about all the ways in which you can spend more time outdoors. One way to enjoy the warmer weather with friends and family is to invite them over for dinner or a party out on your patio.

Outdoor Structures

Cluttered Garage? 4 Tips for Building a Backyard Shed

If you find that your garage is overflowing with clutter, to the point that you can’t park your vehicle in it, it’s time to consider a backyard shed.

Outdoor Structures

Shed Plans and Tips For Building a 16×10 Gable Shed in Less Than a Week

Weekend warriors and home improvement pros alike love a good challenge. Whether it’s a new garden in the back yard or the renovation of an old room in your home, there is something to be done every season of the year.


How to Choose the Materials for Patio Paving?

So, you’re finally tired of your old home design and thinking that it’s time for a change.

Garden Maintenance

3 Ways To Make Your Yard Look Awesome

Keeping your home looking nice is something that will be at the forefront of your mind. After all, you see it every day, you use it all the time, and if something is amiss, you can spot it quickly and ensure that it is put right.


Backyard Blunders: 4 Mistakes to Avoid When Designing a Patio

A patio can become the true center piece of your home. It can be a place where you relax and enjoy the warm rays of the sun during the summer.

Lighting and Decor

Why You Should Get Solar Lighting for Your Yard this Spring

Nowadays many homeowners have started using solar yard lighting. It is an excellent way to light up your yard during night hours.


How to Save on a Patio Remodel

When the warmer weather is around, it’s nice to spend time outdoors. For some homeowners, this means spending time in an outdoor area that includes a patio.

Garden Plants

Gardening 101: How to Make a Closed Terrarium

People who live in large cities are forced to live without almost any touch with the nature. This is especially hard for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers.


5 Things to Know If An Outdoor Kitchen is Right For You

Spending time outdoors is a must for many people. People love the feel of the wind in their hair and the sun on their face. They love being surrounded by lovely flowers and lush greenery.

Lawn Care

5 Benefits of Installing Synthetic Grass at Your Home

Every homeowner with some space strives to have smooth, lush, green grass. Not only does grass cover improve the appearance of a home but also it provides room to relax with friends and family.

Outdoor Structures

Benefits of Using Retractable Outdoor Awnings

The major problem that every household faces during the summer season is bearing the scorching heat of the sun. So if you are looking to do some fun in your outdoor without a direct hit from the sun then you should consider for retractable outdoor awnings.

Outdoor Structures

How to Turn Your Garden into a Home Tennis Court?

Ever since the first professional tennis tournaments took place at the beginning of the 20th century, this sport had been gaining popularity.

Swimming Pools

7 Tips to Extending Your Pool Season

Pool season may be your favorite time of the year, but unless you have the right equipment, your fun in the sun will quickly come to a halt as summer turns to fall.

Garden Plants

If They Grow It, They Will Eat It

Children are born with a natural curiosity. They are like sponges, soaking up all the information around them.


How to Build a Deck: Important Points to Cover

Deck is one of the most important parts of your house. It’s the main part of your outdoor living that you enjoy every day.

Lawn Care

Top-Notch Lawn Care: 5 Ways to Keep Your Yard Green and Clean

During the spring and summer, lawn maintenance becomes especially important. For good reason, a lot of homeowners strive to have the best-looking yard in the neighborhood.