Collection of home closet and storage ideas

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Apartment living and dorm apartments are nothing if not small. Moving into your first apartment is exciting because this is likely your first time living independently. But it’s also likely a bit overwhelming as you try to find space to stash all your important stuff.

Creating home storage solutions is both an art and a science. It takes vision to figure out how to optimize space and creativity to put those innovations in place. If you’re struggling to visualize storage solutions for your home, here are some inspiring ideas to get you started.

Admit it, the sight of your kid’s jumbled room is not an appealing endeavor. Toys scattered all over the place, clothes on the floor, beddings under the bed, well, it can be quite bothersome.

Imagine having your own little grocery store down in the basement or in a specialized room near the kitchen. What we are referring to is a cold storage room (or root cellar) where you can maintain a cool temperature for storing all kinds of food.

Food storage! That is smart home management in the event of any economic or natural disaster. Having a stocked pantry storage system can help you rotate and mange stored food.

You have tools – screws – tape – and all kinds of workbench items. Everything is scattered around. Time to use some garage organization to put everything in place.

What are you going to do with all of your personal home stuff? It keeps getting bigger by the year. That is when you look for storage options such as the garage, attic, basement and possibly your shed.

What would be that one room you would love to have if you can make it work? It is your own personal wine cellar room.

So you have food on sale or harvested from you garden. Now what should you do? Learn how to store food for later use and for emergency!

Looking for a place to store your sport activity items? Well, these items won’t fit inside a box. You need rather some storage organizational units to hold and secure your sporting items.

Why a cold storage room? It could be for multiple reasons. It is needed to store food, wine, potatoes, and other items that require dry, cool spaces.

There is all kinds of items you need to store. Let’s take the home office for example. You need to store printer paper, envelops, empty folders, and other items. An option to consider is decorative water hyacinth baskets that store and stack easily on shelves for ready access.

Newly designed attic room in orange with wall shelving unit, desk and armchair. Notes: Storage is always an issue in most households. The challenge is to make storage accessible and attractive. Some storage can go behind a closed door. But

Small decorative pantry shelving containing what’s necessary to cook. Notes: Many small kitchens don’t have enough storage space for cook items. This idea includes shelving built along kitchen wall or area. To keep it decorative, use glass jars to store

Empty shelves in a home pantry with tile floor. Notes: A functioning kitchen should come with a walk-in pantry. Note the height of the individual shelves. Different heights for small food cans and large food containers. The room reaches high.