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Seasonal Maintenance

Get Your Business Ready for Winter Weather With These 5 Tips

Winter is not on the minds of business owners in the Northern Hemisphere. But winter is not too far away. So what do you need to do NOW to prepare for the winter season coming up.

Home Improvements Sunday Tips

Sunday Morning Tip for March 29: Keeping Your Northern Beaches Holiday Home in Tiptop Condition

The Northern Beaches is a suburban district found in Sydney that is undeniably the perfect getaway destination. Whether you are looking for a completely relaxed staycation venue or a more adventurous vacation, this district is your perfect go-to place.

Home Renovation Sunday Tips

Sunday Morning Tip for March 22: 5 Ways to Reduce Household Expenses During a Remodel

Your household expenses don’t have to get out of hand because of a home remodel. It’s possible to complete your renovation project without having to put a huge strain on your finances.

Home Renovation

What to Remember When Renovating a Restaurant

If renovation is in the planning stage for a restaurant, plans should begin with renovation design.

Home Renovation

6 Tips for Renovating a Restaurant

If you’re anticipating a restaurant renovation, you may feel a little intimidated. But whether you are a professional flipper or a restaurateur with no reno experience, having a plan will make the process much easier.

Home Renovation

How to Correctly Estimate a Renovation Project?

It’s essential to make an accurate estimate and precise takeoffs from the outset while preparing a project for your home, or you’ll end up having to adjust your plans and have to prepare everything over again.

Contractors Sunday Tips

Sunday Morning Tip for March 08: How Slabs Benefit From Helical Piers

In many places, new homes, roadways, and entire commercial lots are being constructed on soil that has poor load-bearing capabilities. Soil that is sandy or clay-heavy is especially problematic for its long-term outlook.

Tools and Materials

The Best Head Lamps/Torces As Safety Equipment

A head torch is a great piece of equipment t to own; and you can use it at home for all DIY jobs. It is also a very handy tool that can be suited for many recreational activities.


4 Modern Building Supplies to Incorporate in Your Home

The use of modern building supplies in the home can greatly decrease time consumption and be cost effective as well.

Home Repairs Sunday Tips

Sunday Morning Tip for March 01: Take Steps to Ensure You Don’t Have to Use Your Home Insurance Anytime Soon

Although they may not be the first thing that you notice when looking at a home, gutters are a very important part of protecting the outside of your home.

Home Renovation

Should You Renovate Or Rebuild? Here Are The Facts

Whether to renovate or rebuild is a common question for homeowners who want to update their properties. Rebuilding resets the clock for everything from fixtures down to the foundation.


Construction Business: Why Are You Incurring More Expenses Than Required?

Running a construction business consists of managing several oscillating components. One of these components is money.

Tools and Materials

What The Best Cordless Drill 2020 Should Have

Home repair and maintenance would require basic tools to ensure success, most especially drills used in driving screws and drilling holes.

Renovation Designs

Transform Your Home with These 5 Creative Custom Remodels

Even a small home remodeling project can make a big difference. From Custom molding to built-in shelving, simple upgrades and home renovation ideas can go a long way towards beautifying your household.

Home Repairs

5 Home Repairs You Should Never Do Yourself

You may be an excellent DIYer, but there are some repairs you should never try to accomplish on your own. Sure, you might be able to do them, but that doesn’t mean you’re able to accomplish them.

Home Renovation

Things You Need To Know Before Renovating Your Home

Home renovations are adventures that can easily surprise you by going off the rails. It doesn’t matter whether you are renovating one room or the entire house, but the reality is that each renovation comes with its unique surprises.

Home Renovation

How To Stay Sane During Your Home Renovation

A home renovation project can be as exciting as it is stressful. Once you start your project, your home will be thrown into a type of chaos that can be tough for many families to manage.

Home Renovation Sunday Tips

Sunday Morning Tip for Feb 09: Top Spring Renovation Projects for Your Home

Spring is right around the corner. One way to make it through the rest of winter is to start thinking about spring renovation projects.

Home Improvements

What Are The Types Of Granny Flats That Modern Homeowners Choose?

Granny flats are small or tiny houses that are built in the same property where your main house stands.

Home Repairs

Signs Of Water Damage To Look Out For After A Flood

Flood is a naturally occurring calamity that can be caused by excessive rainfall in an area. Thus, if you find yourself very unlucky, there may be some flooding in your area after a storm or hurricane.