Ideas for Home Automation and Security

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Floods are the bane of every homeowner’s existence. You put all your hard work into taking care of your home, inside and out, only to hear about a sudden flash flood warning from your local weather station. It can feel scary and stressful, and you’re probably hoping that nothing gets destroyed.

By the end of the year, the U.S. will have approximately 63 million smart homes. That number expects to climb substantially in the next few years. By 2024, 53% of all homes in North America are likely to be smart homes.

It is a sad reality that we live in a world where our homes are at risk of being broken into. With the rise in home invasions, it has become increasingly important to have an alarm system installed on your property.

When owning a house in the USA, it is likely that you will be in the vicinity of an area prone to one of the five natural disasters outlined below. Due to the rapidly rising effects of climate change, it is also likely that the chances of disasters happening will increase.

A security system is a network of integrated electronic devices working in conjunction with a central control panel to protect against intruders. Security systems have become more versatile than ever.

What makes a smart home? And what will the future look like in smart homes? Imagine having your home controls and messaging at your fingertips and voice command. Whether it’s your lighting, appliances, shopping, or morning prep. The future is coming!

Remodeling and renovating usually focuses on things like economic bathrooms and new plumbing. However, technology is becoming more and more important, even to basic remodels.

“photo remodeling” image analysis copyright image by Pixabay 1 | twenty20 What do you see in the images above? Notes: The importance of safety in your home: the last thing you want is a child gaining access to a gun

You don’t need to turn your property into an unsightly fortress in order to improve your family’s safety. With a few simple and elegant upgrades, you will be able to boost your home’s security without adding any unsightly features.

Protecting your home and family is a key responsibility. So you should consider installing an updated home security system that gives your family security.

So you want a smart home – what does that mean? Sure it means touch and voice command of switching on light and media. But smart home is more than that.

What are locks and safes for? To protect your home from intrusion and safely secure your valuables. Let’s review below some ideas to consider for a safe home and environment.

The latest technology and gadgets have provided today’s homes with a range of features that would have been unheard of just a few short years ago.

Lock bumping and picking are as old as home lock systems. If there is the old provision of lock and key, be sure that there is a probability of the same bring picked.

Fall can be a beautiful time of year, it’s still warm enough to enjoy being outdoors, but cool enough to do all those jobs you’ve been putting off. Unfortunately, fall is also the time when many pests start looking at making your house their own home.

Dark clouds ahead – could it mean a tornado storm? Depends on where you are. But if you live within tornado alley, dark clouds ahead may mean that you need to seek shelter.

So you are going on your vacation. Leaving your home for a week or so. But the go-away question is how to keep your home protected during your absence.

Nothing could be more disappointing then to find your home, ID or other possession stolen. Since theft is a profitable crime, you need to take steps to avoid theft.

Dark clouds ahead – could it mean a tornado? Depends where you are. But if you live within tornado alley, dark clouds ahead may mean you need to seek shelter.

Earthquakes! Not a fun event to be in. And they can strike suddenly without any warning. Question is what can you do to prepare for an earthquake?

Should you have a fire extinguisher outside? It depends on your activities and projects. If what you do can start a fire, you should have an extinguisher.

Home fires can strike at anytime. The best protection is prevention. Listed are the 5 top reasons for home fires. Taking a little care can help avoid a home fire and maintain the safety of your family.

Something can strike anytime that will force you out of your home. It could be a floor, chemical spill, tornado, or other disaster. Do you have a 72 hour kit?

Pest! They just need to stay out of your home. But no matter how many “stay out” signs you put up, they seem to invade anyway.

Natural disasters can occur at anytime and at any location. They can be pending like a hurricane; sudden like a earthquake. Question: what emergency planning do you have if a disaster were to hit?

There is growing interest in smart home technology – and the future is wide open. But what is smart home? And what benefits does it offer?

Another facet of home automation is using a smart thermostat. You can set it automatically or control the thermostat with your WIFI device.

Home networking is connecting all of you devices for gaming, video streaming and updating each device no matter where you might be.

Home security has come a long ways. Now with smart technology, you can secure and monitor your home from any mobile device – regardless wherever you may be.

This home automation lighting series is the first of multiple posts that will address home automation needs. So view on how you can automate your home.

What can you do with smart home devices from a remote location such as at work or travel.

You may feel that your neighborhood is safe. But then again is it? All it takes is a simple break-in and then safety flies out the door. What would it hurt to install CCTV security cameras and motion sensor lighting. They are so simple and small; and they can be monitored via WIFI.

Humidifier spreading steam into the living room Notes: Humidifiers are a must during dry winter months. Our windows are closed the and the furnace is pumping out warm, dry aid. At each passing day, skin dryness sets in and the

Infographic on building a smart home Notes: How to make your home smarter? By implementing wifi and other gadgets to reduce costs and simply life. Reducing costs include smart HVAC systems, lighting control systems,water usage systems, and security home protection.

Living room interior with large automated floor to ceiling window blinds. Notes: On your next window blind purchase, consider automated window blinds. Two key benefits. One, the can be programmed or wifi control to open or close to bring-in or

copyright image by Protecting your family from a home fire. Notes: Home fires can start anywhere in the home – and they can start off quietly while your family members are asleep. Question: do you have an established fire