Step 2: Get Home Remodeling Ideas

about remodeling step 2

Your 2nd step in home remodeling is deciding what you would like to do. This includes reviewing home remodeling ideas, home improvement plans, architectural styles, floor layouts, home galleries and more.

First Thing, Get Your Ideas Down on Paper

Review home remodeling ideas, home remodeling considerations, home innovation trends, architectual designs, and more:

kitchen remodeling
bathroom remodeling
basement remodeling
bedroom remodeling
home theater design
garden design
other home remodeling ideas

View Existing House Plans

Review existing house plans to find something that matches your design considerations. You might find something exactly what you are looking for; or you can take a similar plan and have an architect tweak it to meet your specifications. Places to look:

search house plans for remodeling ideas
search plans from nationwide builders
view topic on architectural designs - history

for quick reference

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