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Featured Home Theater

5 Things To Remember When Upgrading Your Home Movie Theater

Having a home theater can make spending time with friends and family even more enjoyable. Since this technology continues to advance, many homeowners are constantly looking for ways to upgrade their home theaters with the latest technology.

Featured Flooring

Fancy Finish: Five Tips for Finishing (and Refinishing) Your Hardwood Floor

Finishing wood floors isn’t exactly rocket science, but it can be time-consuming. If this a project you want to tackle, you’ll need to pay close attention to detail and use a great deal of patience if you want to bring your floors back to life.

Featured Home Repairs

From Bad to Worse: Home Emergencies We All Despise

Tweet Here are four common in-home disasters and some tips on avoiding them. Septic Tank Plumbing problems are some of the most frustrating home emergencies because there is not always

Featured Garden Maintenance

Essential Tools for Easy Gardening

Who wouldn’t want to have a slice of clean and green natural beauty right in their own yard?

Featured Ventilation

Home Remodel: Six Things To Consider When You Have Allergies

It is bad enough to have allergies during the spring, so the last thing you want to deal with is more sneezing and stuffy nose once you finally get indoors.

Featured Loft

Creating a Loft Space that Draws Attention

Loft areas have come to mean many different things in living space. Loft apartments are spaces that are designed on an open concept where everything, including the bedroom, is accessible in one room.

Featured Home Decor

Prettying Up a Small Apartment With the Right Home Decor

If you are a city person who loves living right in the middle of all the excitement, then you have probably made peace with the fact that your home will look like a doll house compared to someone who has given up city life and chosen to move far, far away.

Featured Yard and Garden

Getting Your Yard Ready for the Summer Season: 4 Things to Remember

Summer is finally here and that means that many homes will be getting their yards in shape for a season of playing, gardening, and entertaining.

Featured General Home Decor

Using a Grinder to Perfect Coped Crown Corners

Cutting crown corners can seem scary – you don’t want to mess anything up. But with a grinder and the right know-how, it’s actually a fairly straightforward project. The topic brings to mind an occasion during my days as a custom kitchen cabinet installer in New York City.

Featured News Releases

Aging-In-Place Checklist: The Top 4 Ways to Make Your Home Remodel a Raging Success

Aging in place means enjoying home on your own terms. Whether preparing for independent living or helping an aging relative, there are many changes to consider.

Featured Garden Plants

Better Herbs: How to Grow Yours With More Flavor

Growing better herbs starts with a better herb garden. It’s possible to grow a vibrant year-round assortment of herbs in a small space, such as an apartment balcony accessed through sliding doors, or a backyard patio.

Featured Home Repairs

Safety First: The Most Dangerous Repairs to Do Alone

Having someone else around while doing repair work can often make the job go quicker. In some cases, though, it can be a lifesaver.

Featured Home Furniture

Budget-Friendly Ways to Add Flair to Your Living Room

Flair is defined as an appealing and unusual style. A room without flair can appear indifferent, mundane and void of personality.

Featured Home Decor

The Top Three Rooms that Look Best in Stone

Tweet Depending on the type of stone you choose, the style it brings to your room can range anywhere from traditional and formal, to rustic and country, to clean and

Featured Home Renovation

5 Things to Consider to Get the Most Out of Your Home Restoration

It is often the smallest problems during a home renovation that will turn these projects into nightmares. It is thoughts like these that can make renovating your home frustrating, which makes you feel unmotivated, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Featured Garden Maintenance

Increase Your Home Value By Making These Simple Changes To Your Yard

Tweet Why not work on your yard, and make some changes and upgrades that substantially impact your home’s value? Read on for some helpful tips about where to begin. Diversity

Featured Home Furniture

Five Tips for Restoring and Reusing Old and Damaged Furniture

Adaptive reuse is a term used today to describe the process of reusing an old asset for some purpose other than that for which it was originally designed. Adaptive reuse is perfect way to describe the creative means of re-purposing old and damaged furniture to squeeze some extra functional life out of it.

Featured Renovation Designs

Floor Plans and Blueprints: Learn How to Read Cryptic House Maps to Better Understand Your Remodel

You’ve got everything in place for your home remodel—you’ve set out a budget, you’ve selected a talented and competent contractor, and you’re excited for the work to start.

Featured Home Safety

Five House Fire Safety and Prevention Tips

Keeping your home safe from fires is an every day effort and the lengths one must go to, to ensure their and their family’s safety may seem extreme, but they are essential.

Featured Home Safety

Reliable Storage Products For Firearms

In the United States of America, gun ownership is a right but at the same time it’s a privilege. There is some serious responsibility that comes with owning firearms in a home.