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Featured Home Safety

Weekly Tip for Jan 24: Do You Have A Fire Escape Plan?

How secure is your home or apartment? How safe are your fire – smoke and carbon monoxide detectors? Get the latest on home security technology and how best to protect your home from danger.

Featured Flooring

Flooring 101: Everything You Need to Know About Hardwood Floors

Ripping up old carpet or laminate flooring is a common part of most home renovations. It’s rare to find a modern home today that doesn’t have hardwood floors. That’s because there’s no flooring quite like hardwood. A room is instantly brought to life with the warm look of wood, making the space more elegant and inviting.

Featured Garage

Garage Screens: Another Room With a View

If you are like a lot of people, it would be debatable as to whether you consider your garage a good use of space. After all, garages are usually built to house and protect your cars, but when it comes right down to it, garages do anything but.

Featured Home Safety

Gas Leaks: 4 Ways to Avoid a Deadly Situation

Any household that has access to gas is at risk of suffering from leaks. Gas leaks are not only harmful to the health of residents, but can lead to death in some cases.

Contractors Featured

Scam Alert: 7 Warning Signs That You’re About to Hire the Wrong Contractor

If you have experience hiring contractors for any given home renovation project, you probably understand the importance of choosing the best. From contractors who skip town with your money to those who don’t fulfill their end of the deal, some homeowners have had their fair share of nightmares during and after remodels.

Den/Library Featured

How to Have a Bright and Cheerful Den/Library

There was a time when a den/ library used to be a quiet place where a person could curl up with a book and read at peace. But not any longer! Technology has changed the way we read too! People are using kindle, laptop and such other digital media for reading purposes.

Featured Lawn Care

Why Removing Your Old Lawn Can Be a Good Idea

All too many of us obsess over the look, feel and functionality of our lawns. Whether we have a small front lawn or a huge backyard space, there are many different possibilities and arrangements for how our lawns can look.

Featured Home Office

Do not Make Your Home Office Another Room of Your Home

Basically this name “home office” is wrong. It should rather be “office home”. This is because you must give a priority to your office over home, in terms of working, in case you really wish to have an efficient workplace.

Featured Insurance

A Great Nursing Home Insurance Policy Should put Your Mind at Ease

The individuals that are taking care of the residents at an assisted living facility deserve the opportunity to be compensated well. The monthly rates tied to nursing home (assisted living) insurance are not that high, overall.

Featured Sun Room

How to Design a Perfect Sun Lounge for Your Home

Homeowners dream of having the best-designed sun room for their house. This is because this space can be used regardless of the time of day and night and the season.

Featured Garden Plants

4 Tips For Growing Herbs Indoors During the Winter Season

Growing herbs indoors can offer a variety of benefits, from extending the season to providing a comfortable working environment, which is appreciated during the cold winter months.

Featured Rec Room

Six Tips on Designing an Exercise Room

Having your own gym has it perks. But, bad choice of equipment would lead you to bad results. So, great planning and great design would play a great factor in creating the over-all feel of your home exercise room.

Featured Home Security

Home Security: Six Things Homeowners Often Overlook

Investments in home security rise in linear portion with the crime rate. It is the reason people install alarm systems and cameras. This relatively new technology is efficient, but it is the simple safety measures that will often go unnoticed.

Featured Garage

The Benefits of Adding Sealant to Your Garage Floor

Whether it’s DIY or get a professional company to do it for you, sealing your garage floors is an easy home improvement project that is worth the effort. It is affordable, protects your property and your family, and adds value to your house. Not bad for a weekend’s work.

Featured General News

5 Weekly Sunday Tips That will Make Your Life More Organized

Typically our week is spent working hard. Then we spend the weekend relaxing or partying. In the end, it is the house that gets neglected. But you can make use of some Sunday tips that will make your house cleaner and more organized.

Featured Home Renovation

The 5 Best Home Remodeling Projects for Winter

One thing people don’t tend to think about during the winter is home remodeling. While it is true that many different home improvement projects are best performed during the spring and summer months, this is not the case for all of them.

Featured Just Bath

Relaxing Bath: How to Change Your Bathroom into a Spa

When it comes to your overall home décor, the bathroom is an integral part of your space. It should not be ignored or neglected. While it may cost a little to invest in your bathroom, this is one area where upgrades actually boost the value of your home.

Featured Just Bath

Doing up the Look of Your Bathroom – 8 Cool Tips!

We often tend to ignore the bathrooms of our house. We believe that it is limited to just sleek faucets, framed mirrors and shiny tiles which is so not true. However, doing up your bathroom is a fun job and you can funk up that little corner into whatever you want!

Energy Savings Featured

A look at Some Useful Energy Saving Tips

Homeowners have what it takes to save energy and money right in their own homes. Saving energy minimizes the nation’s overall demand for resources required to generate energy.

Featured Garden Maintenance

Irrigation Made Easy – Automate Your Gardening

Tweet Is your home surrounded by vibrant plants? Do you love to garden? Are you like me, and love eating the fresh vegetables, seeing the flowers bloom, and smelling the