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7 Electronic Amenities Your Airbnb Guests Will Love

If you’re considering making some extra cash renting out your spare bedroom on Airbnb—or already doing it—it’s important to consider what you can do to maximize your guests’ experience.

Worldwide, over four million Airbnb listings are available — so what are you doing to set yours apart and wow your guests?

Laundry Room

How to Build the Perfect Laundry Room On A Budget?

The laundry room is usually a very simple room. Not much thought goes into making it. Most people don’t even see the need to make this room look nice. They simply find it time-consuming and money-wasting.

Energy Savings

Reducing Power and Gas Bills with Energy Efficiency Measures

Energy expenses can represent thousands of dollars throughout the service life of a home. For this reason, energy efficiency measures are among the best home upgrades from the financial standpoint.

Energy Savings

Make Your Home More Energy Efficient to Save on Utility Costs

One of the best home value investments is making your home more energy efficient to save on utility costs. So what does that mean?


Why You Need a Cleaning Service for Your Home

If you are a full-time worker, you probably stress about all the chores around the house that need to be done.

Pest Control

How to Alter Your Yard to Keep Out Bugs

A handful of bugs can grow into a destructive colony in a matter of days, and one of those infestations could end up costing you huge sums of money if you aren’t careful.


6 Best Window Blinds and Shades for Reducing Dust and Allergens

Allergy season is dreadful for those who have a sensitivity to the outdoor environment. However, most people don’t realize that their home environment causes just as many sneezing spells and congested sinuses as the outdoors.

Home Security

How to Be Sure Your New Home Is Safe

You’ve just bought a new home, and you’re planning to move in. This is an exciting time, but it’s also when you need to focus on safety.


10 Tips to Efficiently Keep Your Bathroom Clean

Cleaning your bathroom seems like a never-ending process. After you spend half of your Saturday scrubbing and rinsing, you expect it to stay tidy for at least a few days. But inevitably, you walk in to take a shower and the whole room is a mess.

Home Security

Why Is It Essential to Have a Reliable Locksmith Service?

Locksmiths are an integral part of a modern society as they give the primary provision of overall security for all homes and offices. Locks are basic, as they protect every one of our resources and guarantee that they are accessible only to the proprietor.


How to Wash Windows and Mirrors Without Streaks

A spotless mirror or window can quickly change the look of your home. After days of staring at the smudges and fingerprints, you can finally gaze on a clear, shiny surface. The last thing you want to see is an unwelcome visitor from the cleaning process — a streak.

Home Automation

5 Upgrades to Turn Your House Into a Smart Home

Everyone these days has a smart phone. However, do you have a smart home?


Why You Should Start Planning for Your Spring Cleaning Overhaul Now

Christmas is still clearly in the rear view mirror, and spring is several weeks away. Right now, you are probably a whole lot more focused on your New Year’s resolutions than you are on something like spring cleaning.


5 Shocking Ways Your Dirty Floor is Making You Sick

In many residential and commercial locations, there are tile floors that are highly contaminated. Because germs can stay on a variety of flooring surfaces for a long length of time, people who hang out in contaminated areas can get sick in shocking ways.

Pest Control

How to Manage Pests during Renovations

Whether we like to admit it or not, we share our living space with other creatures. In places like Florida or Australia, this means coming back from work to find a gator inside the swimming pool; but for the rest of world, this simply means that there are termites in the walls and mice and rats in the basement.

Energy Savings

5 Ways to Save Money On Your Electric Bill During the Hot Summer Months

It may be winter at the moment – but the summer months will be fast approaching. So now is the time to plan how to keep your summer electric costs down.


Three Tips to Prevent Mold and Moisture in Winter

One unexpected visitor during winter is mold. It can destroy your lovely furniture and your home in general.

Pest Control

Are Termites Destroying Your Property?

You may be wondering how termites can do too much damage, given that they are so small. It’s true that one termite cannot cause much harm, even though it can eat 2-3 times it’s bodyweight every day.


All You Need to Know About Having a Proper Home Ventilation System

Energy-efficient homes need to maintain their indoor air quality through mechanical ventilation. This goes for both existing and new homes.

Energy Savings

Make Your Home Energy Efficient In 5 Simple Ways

Those who think a home is a sheer liability have never lived in an energy efficient home that can save hundreds of dollars in energy bills and regular maintenance. The purpose of an energy efficient home is to lower utility bills while ensuring a healthy living for the occupants.