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Home Safety

Fire Prevention Basics For Homeowners

It would have been more catchy if the title said “Preventing house fires the easy way”. However, making your house as fireproof as possible is a serious undertaking, and there is no easy way around it.

Energy Savings

What Renovations Are Ideal for Hot and Sunny Weather

If the weather is warm, you might not want to think about starting a huge construction project. However, it is essential to keep your home protected against extreme heat and sun damage.

Home Security

7 Ways to Safeguard Your Home from Burglary

Your home is the last place that you should ever feel unsafe in. After all, it’s where loved ones and all your belongings reside, so ensuring that it’s safe from burglary is a must.

Home Safety

Filters for Home Water Supply Improvement

Your water supply, be it well water or municipal supply, may not be as safe for consumption as it should be. Its physical properties (color, smell, and taste) may not look threatening, but that does not mean that you should take safety for granted.

Home Automation

How to Upgrade Into a Smart Home

These days, an increasing number of home buyers are looking for smart home features.


Best Appliances for Rental Homes

It probably doesn’t surprise you to know that appliances can have a big impact on the value of a rental property.

Home Security

Things To Consider When Buying A Whole House Generator For Additional Home Value

It is a debate for most homeowners if whole house generators are really needed. Some homeowners will advise getting one for your home because of its benefits.

Home Safety

An Overview of Fire Exit Terminology and Technology

What Is a Fire Exit?The simplest definition of a fire exit is a way out of the building you only use if there is a serious threat like a fire. In comparison, an egress is any way out.

Pest Control

Eco-friendly Ways to Get Rid of Pests and Start Renovations

One of the most important traits that make a home is the fact that it’s your own private space where you feel safe and sheltered from the outside world. The problem with this concept lies in the fact that this might not always be the case.

Pest Control

4 Signs You Have a Rodent Infestation

Common rodent pests like rats and mice often make their way indoors during the winters in search of food, warmth, and shelter from the elements. Once they’ve moved in, they can cause expensive damage to your home, not to mention put you and your family at risk for serious health issues.

Home Safety

5 Affordable Renovations That Make the Home Safer

Are you looking for ways to make your home safer and more comfortable without hurting your wallet?

Storage Space

9 Furnishing Additions That Help You Organize Your Home

While everyone has unique tastes, anyone can gain a sense of wellbeing from a conveniently-organized home. But what is best way to keep your home organized?

Storage Space

Life Hacks for Small NYC Apartments to Maximize Space

When you’re choosing an apartment in NYC, there are a lot of things to consider. Really, that’s something that’s true wherever you’re living. But let’s be honest – New York is (in)famous for the difficulties people have with finding a decent apartment.

Home Security

3 Secrets You Didn’t Know About Surveillance Cameras

How much do you know about home surveillance cameras? And what innovative features can you identify with these cameras and why are these features so important?

Home Automation

7 Electronic Amenities Your Airbnb Guests Will Love

If you’re considering making some extra cash renting out your spare bedroom on Airbnb—or already doing it—it’s important to consider what you can do to maximize your guests’ experience.

Worldwide, over four million Airbnb listings are available — so what are you doing to set yours apart and wow your guests?

Laundry Room

How to Build the Perfect Laundry Room On A Budget?

The laundry room is usually a very simple room. Not much thought goes into making it. Most people don’t even see the need to make this room look nice. They simply find it time-consuming and money-wasting.

Energy Savings

Reducing Power and Gas Bills with Energy Efficiency Measures

Energy expenses can represent thousands of dollars throughout the service life of a home. For this reason, energy efficiency measures are among the best home upgrades from the financial standpoint.

Energy Savings

Make Your Home More Energy Efficient to Save on Utility Costs

One of the best home value investments is making your home more energy efficient to save on utility costs. So what does that mean?


Why You Need a Cleaning Service for Your Home

If you are a full-time worker, you probably stress about all the chores around the house that need to be done.

Pest Control

How to Alter Your Yard to Keep Out Bugs

A handful of bugs can grow into a destructive colony in a matter of days, and one of those infestations could end up costing you huge sums of money if you aren’t careful.