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Home Renovation

Home Addition? 4 Ideas to Complete the Project

Tweet Many home addition projects include just the basics, but these finishing touches can add a great result to your renovation. Zoned Climate Control When you add a bedroom, living

Home Security

Is Your Home Secure? 4 Ways To Keep Family In And Thieves Out

Tweet The first step begins with a meeting with your family to take a critical look at everything from the structure of your home to how you respond to things


6 Eco-Friendly Landscaping Tips for 2017

Tweet If you intend to start your own landscape project on your garden or backyard, here are some interesting ways in which you can improve the curb appeal of your

Home Interior Design

How to Transform Your Home

Tweet If you are tired of looking at the same old walls and furniture, there are some simple things you can do to completely transform the look of your home.

Just Bedroom

Tips for Making a Child’s Bedroom Cozy and Comfortable

Tweet No parent wants to banish their kids to the bedroom permanently, but the more time they spend playing in their room, the less cluttered the living room is. It’s


Outdoor Design and Landscaping Tips to Make Your Home More Presentable (And Appealing to Buyers)

Tweet In most cases, landscaping and outdoor designs are done just to make your home look presentable, but it is also an effective strategy if you are planning to sell

Energy Savings

Drafty House? 3 Spaces You Should Check For Air Leaks

Tweet Check Around Door Or Window Frames It isn’t uncommon for a door to be a little shorter than the frame that it is place in. Therefore, there could be

Roofing and Gutters

How to Know If My House Needs a Roof Restoration?

Tweet While most of the restoration part is done with the help of professionals, there is a need for you to know if it is being done correctly, as well

Exterior Decor

Functional Decor: Repairs And Maintenance That Make Your Home Look Spectacular

Tweet There are a few repair projects that you can tackle in the near future that may benefit your home’s condition and boost curb appeal at the same time. As

Home Renovation

Renovation Craze: The Phases of Putting Your House Back Together Again

Tweet This is understandable, especially since a homeowner’s happiness is often based on the overall design of their homes. Still, there are a number of stages you have to plan

Home Buying-Home Selling

Do You Need to Renovate Before Selling a Property?

Tweet Spending money on a property to achieve a better price is only worth doing if you can get a return on your investment. For example, if you spend $10,000


4 Facts About Air Purifiers Howeowners Should Know

Tweet Many homeowners don’t realize that an air purifier is an optional add-on to their HVAC system. Check out these four facts about air purifiers to learn why you should

Laundry Room Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip for Dec 25: What! A New Washer for Christmas?

Tweet washers • dryers • washer-dryer combos • ironing centers Let’s View View Laundry Appliances shoe benches • shoe cabinets • show racks • coat racks • laundry room Let’s

Roofing and Gutters

Understanding Causes of Leaks and Gutter Replacement

Tweet However, it is vital to understand that not all leaky gutters need replacement. They can be fixed at times too. Here are some common causes of leaky gutters that

Energy Savings

10 Home Improvement Ideas That Will Help You Stay Warm and Save Money in Winters

Tweet However, a few smart, inexpensive DIY’s and on-time home renovations can save you a large chunk of money and prevent your electricity bill from shooting up. Here are a

Home Maintenance

Home Maintenance: 4 Ways to Maintain and Upkeep Your Property

Tweet Here are four quick and easy maintenance tips that will allow you to keep your home ownership costs to a minimum while ensuring that your property is as safe

Heating and Cooling

5 Reasons Why Your Heat Pump Is Making A Strange Noise

Tweet However, they can make some strange noises from time to time. It’s helpful to know when these sounds are cause for concern, and when they’re ordinary noises. The System

Lawn Care

5 Ways to Prepare Your Yard for Winter

Tweet These 5 steps will help you get your lawn in order before the snow falls. #1. Mow down the lawn Throughout the fall, keep your lawn watered and mowed.

Rec Room

Advice on How to Build Your Own Wood Bar

Tweet Now this doesn’t have to be anything special and complicated, even a simple wood bar will be enough, but this is not something that people do often and most

Fences and Gates

Noisy Neighbors? 3 Strategies For Peace

Tweet As humans, whatever this noise may be, it can get annoying, no matter how soothing it may sound. To effectively deal with a situation like this, here are three