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Home Decor

Making Your Home Extra Cozy- It’s Not Just for Winter!

Tweet But cozy can also be a way of describing a room that has warmth, both literally and figuratively, or a room that you’ve made extra comfortable. It’s not so

Walls and Painting

Easy Tips to Help You Choose the Right Paint Finish for Every Room of Your House

Tweet The right colors can calm you down or rejuvenate and inspire you. Having an understanding of colors, therefore, can help you make the right decisions when it comes to

Home Values

Home Prices Rise by 11.2 Percent Over Past Year

Tweet Home prices continue to rebound and have increased an average of 11.2 percent over the past year ending Sept. 2013. That’s the findings of an S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Indices

Bed and Bath

How to Fix Your Clogged Toilet

Tweet Worse, your guests will be arriving in a few hours and you really do not want to redirect them to the bathroom off of your master bedroom. Usually most

Kitchen and Dining

San Diego Kitchen Style: You Know You Want It

Tweet You’re not going to find a whole lot of dark wood, heavy antiques or the like here. The closest thing to antiques you’ll see are chalk painted shabby chic

Bed and Bath

How to Replace Your Bathroom Faucet

Tweet Then again, perhaps it is time to give your bathroom a design boost, something that you can achieve by replacing the bathroom faucet with a new one. It’s a

Holiday Decor

Decorating and Gifting with Christmas Flowers

Tweet Christmas flowers are an excellent way to decorate your home.  There are so many creative ways to use Christmas flowers but one of the best is to simply add

Holiday Decor

Easy & Affordable Décor Ideas to Transform Your Home This Holiday Season

Tweet Over the years your home décor may have become tired and outdated, but for those of you that can’t afford to commission an interior design overhaul to incorporate the

Bed and Bath

Weighing in on Memory Foam: Amerisleep vs. Tempur-pedic vs. Essentia

Tweet Could newcomers Essentia and Amerisleep bring top-selling Tempur-Pedic to its knees? Sounds kind of like a game show intro, doesn’t it? You can call it "Battle of the Beds",

Home Lighting

Transform Your Floors With Innovative LED Lighting

Tweet Illuminated flooring is something most people associate with dance floors, warehouses, exhibition spaces and aeroplanes. LED lighting offers the possibility of creating a spectacular illuminated floor in any part

Doors and Windows

5 Prominent Materials to Get Better Plantation Shutters

Tweet These convenient options seem easy to get your window installed with fine sets of panels, but a step taken in hurry may lead you to the steps of compromise.

Home Renovation

Guest Stay: How to Ready Your Home for Christmas Visitors

Tweet You knew that your home was short of room, but you didn’t expect that one or more of your guests would be consigned to the couch for their Christmas

Doors and Windows

What the Color of Your Front Door Says About You

Tweet Door color is a choice that you’ll have when you purchase your new entry way and that makes it a direct reflection of what your personality is like.  Look

Home Financing

Consumer Satisfaction With Mortgage Lenders Continues to Rise

Tweet A recently released J.D. Power 2013 U.S. Primary Mortgage Origination Satisfaction Study reveals that first-time homeowners are increasingly satisfied with their experience. JD Power scored lenders based on a


Den in Disarray? Smart Organizing Tips!

Tweet A den adds value to a home, but it can also become an organization nightmare if yours is not in order. Let’s take a look at several smart organizing

News Releases

Feng Shui Your Home

Tweet But there are many that believe that the colors and items you choose to surround yourself with affect not only what your home looks like but what your home

Heating and Cooling

How Does a Thermostat Work?

Tweet When you set your thermostat you want to set it and forget it. Most times that happens but other times it does not. How does this small unit keep

Kitchen and Dining

How to Create a Rustic Look in Your Kitchen

Tweet Sometimes, though, you can bring in décor that is incongruent and still make it look good. For instance, it’s a popular trend today to choose a rustic kitchen design


Beautify Your Backyard by Renovating your Deck

Tweet Over time, your deck starts to wear out and lose color so it’s a good idea to give it a full-fledge overhaul. The pretty backyard can turn ugly if

Storage Space

How to Survive Your Home Renovation: Self Storage to the Rescue!

Tweet Denver winters are notoriously harsh and the last thing you need are giant construction and renovation projects letting the elements in. Unfortunately, sometimes the weather here has other plans.