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Staying fit and keeping healthy is a part of a good life, but too often, people let their physical health slide. Life gets in the way and we neglect the most important part of our lives: ourselves.

Although seeing a movie in a movie theater is a unique experience, there’s something to be said for being able to enjoy a movie in your own home. With no crowds, high ticket and snack prices, or parking issues to worry about, there’s a lot to like about staying home when you want to be entertained.

A dedicated sports room is the perfect addition to any enthusiast’s home. Whether you love the rough and tumble of the NFL or the high octane pace of basketball, designing a room around your passion is the perfect way to make a house feel like home.

A man cave is a great place to relax after a meal, or you can even use it to have your friends over for weekend events! So whether you want something upscale or you want to decorate your garage to watch the game regularly, a man cave is a great place to forget about everything and have a good time!

If you enjoy the occasional adult beverage, you’ve probably visited a few bars in your lifetime. Thanks to the “new normal” that focuses on staying safe at home, it’s a perfect time to consider designing your very own custom bar that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

Now that many of us have been stuck in the house for extended periods of time due to the pandemic, we have had to make our own fun. Not seeing friends and family has been very difficult for us all, but this has proven particularly difficult for young children.

We have moved on from the era where home theater rooms used to be a luxury for the rich and affluent. You can have such entertainment in your house at an affordable cost too.

If you’re interested in getting into making music, podcasts, videos, or anything that requires recording, now’s the time to invest in building a home recording studio while the pandemic has us all trapped indoors.

Dedicated playrooms are great as you won’t have to pick up toys throughout the day, every day, from every corner of the home. Unfortunately, most people live in a limited space and don’t have the freedom to design their homes per their and their children’s dreams.

For kids, playtime isn’t just about having fun. It’s an essential part of growing up that teaches kids creativity and cooperation and contributes to their emotional development.

Building a home theater is a dream that is attainable by nearly any household these days, thanks to more affordable audiovisual systems. The fact is, your family and friends can enjoy a real movie theater experience right in your own home by next weekend.

Whether you like to invite friends, family, work colleagues, or all the above to your home, it is much easier to do so when you have a dedicated entertaining space. The social events require planning and creativity, and the venue should not be any different.

The home features we know as entertainment centers have been previously called home theaters. These days, they are also called media rooms, but their functionality of providing audio, video, and multimedia experiences has not changed.

When you buy a home, you’re already thinking about how you’ll use each of the rooms. Some rooms are obvious, like the bathroom or the kitchen, but other rooms allow for more creativity.

first “photo remodeling” image copyright image by Add raised seating Notes: Unless you plan on only watching movies alone, you’ll need multiple seats in your home theater. Although a large couch can provide this seating, there will be certain

Let’s set aside a room just for your billiard table. Something you can decorate that fits your home style? How and what should you do to make it a beautiful room? Some ideas.

Sometimes, all you want to do after a long day of work is fix up your favorite drink and hang out with friends in a cozy bar. Building a home bar is a great way to experience all the fun and comradery a bar has to offer, without ever leaving the comfort and convenience of your own home.

DIY projects can be fun and exciting adventures. Not everything has to be a brand-new project: you could consider improving a neglected part of your home, such as your garage or basement. You can also conduct a smaller project, such as revamping your home bar.

What is a home theater room? It is a dedicated room that looks like a theater. But may be you can’t do that. Your next best option is a small theater (TV) room that will give you just the same entertainment.

Okay!, you have setup a home theater room with surround sound and plush theater seating. What is missing? Your home theater popcorn machine. Popping the corn just like they do at the movies.

Just give me a simple TV viewing room – a place where I can watch TV at anytime. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Maybe add some audio speakers if you like. But just keep it simple.

Your family wants a pet. Most likely it will be dog or a cat. But maybe there some other house pets that may be a more interesting options. Let’s review.

It’s time to play a game of cards with friends or family. So what better place to play than at a dedicated game table with comfortable chairs and setup.

Billiard tables are mostly found in basement rec rooms. But it doesn’t have to be. Placing a billiard table in your living area might be a nice furniture piece that compliments your home decor look.

You know you need to exercise. It is important for overall good health. But how can you discipline yourself with regular exercise? How about a dedicated exercise room with all of the amenities.

Always wondering what to do with you basement space. There are plenty of good ideas. But have you thought of building a music room studio. Who knows, you might develop a hit song.

It would be nice to have your personal home theater room. But is doesn’t have to be expensive. You just need to set aside a room, connect the theater screen with the projector, and add comfortable seating. All of the other frills can come later.

You can setup a simple home theater in your living or family room. You simply need to attach your monitor TV to the wall with some creative wiring.

Every home should have a rec area – a place to gather to enjoy time and fun with friends and family. But what’s goes into a rec room? Let’s view this pic image and decide the design elements you might consider for your own home recreation room.

So how do you setup your private home gym? Yes, you need the exercise machines. But also some other stuff to motivate you in the morning to exercise.