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Kitchen and Dining

Home Improvement Ideas for Your Dining Room

If you want to renovate your dining room, including adding new furniture, then don’t despair! You can create a whole new fresh look for minimal cost with a little bit of imagination and forward thinking.

Doors and Windows

Upping the Green Factor: Combining Energy Efficiency with Sustainability

Recent global events, said to be spurred by our continued apathy towards doing what’s best for the environment, seem to have – finally – hit home. The importance of going green is now stressed in every American home, which is why homeowners are now trying to make better, smarter, and greener choices.

Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip for Aug 30: Do You Have a Mud Room?

What’s that, you ask? It is a dedicated room off the garage or back yard area where the family enters to dispose of their mud – that is dirty shoes, dirty hands, dirty toys, etc.

Heating and Cooling

Top to Bottom Cooling: Using Your Whole House for Efficient Air Conditioning

We all know that the old AC should get a good tuneup now and then, but what else can you do inside and out to help your home’s HVAC operate more efficiently and effectively? Here are some ideas you might not have thought of.

Home Interior Design

7 Quick Home Decorating Tips to Add Style to Any Room

Home decor is one of those “to do” items that bring on many arguments and frustrations at times. This may be because there are many different ideas that can be implemented while planning home décor.

Kitchen and Dining

Tips To Ensure Your Home Appliances Last Longer And Work Well

Home appliances are expensive and you shouldn’t have to purchase new appliances any sooner than necessary. To keep your appliances running as smoothly as possible and have them last longer, check out the following tips.

Laundry Room

What is the Value of Your Mud Room?

Tweet Introduction There are many improvements that can be made on the mud room despite the functions carried out in the room. A huge percentage of people don’t consider the

Roofing and Gutters

Common Gutter Problems and Why You Need a Professional Gutter Repair Service

Gutter maintenance and repairs is not something that you should take on yourself, as it requires an in depth knowledge of gutter systems.

Exterior Home

Should You Consider Adding a DIY Balcony to Your Home?

Having a balcony adds a sense of romance to a home and allows family members and guests to enjoy the great outdoors from a comfortable vantage point. However, there is a lot that goes into adding a do-it-yourself-balcony on to your home. Here are a few points to keep in mind.

Green Home

7 Green Home Improvements You Should Make before This Fall

As summer turns to autumn, your mind may likewise turn to getting your house in order. While you contemplate what fall cleaning chores you would like to tackle, you would do well to also think about how you can lower your utility bills while maintaining your home’s elegance and organization.

Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip for August 23: Your Home Fireplace

You may not be thinking of having a fire in the middle of the hot August summer. But what about the cold January winter? See what new if fireplace technology to give your the warmth and beauty of indoor fireplaces.

Doors and Windows

Blind Replacement for the Budget Conscious Homeowner

The key to saving money when redressing your windows lies in finding reasonably priced window coverings. Property owners may find it surprising that well priced deals are available at most well-known retailers.

Swimming Pools

Digging In: What to Check Before You Install an In-Ground Pool

Installing an in-ground pool can be a great investment for family summer fun. You may need to consider some additional steps in the early planning process to ensure your pool installation goes according to plan.

Rec Room

5 Tips on How to Remodel a Recreation Room

To create the ideal home recreation room, the homeowner must clear out unnecessary clutter, create a budget, create separate areas in the room for separate activities, paint these separate areas different colors, and for the finishing touches add the ideal wall decor and lighting options.

Home Renovation

Six Home Upgrades You Will Need As Your Family Grows

The kitchen is one of the rooms your whole family will use regularly. Be sure that you create enough space to comfortably cook and have dinner with your entire family.


Home Improvement Ideas for When Planning to Renovate Your Staircase

There are many aspects to be taken into consideration when renovating your staircase, including the material it is made from, balustrading, the use of carpeting, and the location of the staircase itself.


Home Moving Mini-Guide for Packing Up Your Personal Possessions

Moving? If you want to save money, one of the best ways to do that is to pack your own things instead of having the movers do it as an “add on” service. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Home Entertainment

5 Things You Need for a Modern Home Entertainment Center

The perfect home entertainment center needs the right location, proper furniture placement, the right lighting, and some basic components.

Home Decor

How to upgrade your rental apartment without upsetting your landlord

Renting out an apartment for a while, you’ll want to refresh some parts of it or redecorate it entirely – but how to do that without irritating your landlord?

Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip for August 16: Formal or Casual?

That is the question when designing your living room. It is the one room where you bet furniture are placed and protected from wear. But should it be?