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Renovation Designs

Give Your Home a Luxury Glow

From time to time, every home needs a few upgrades that will add to its value and sustainability.

Pest Control

How to Alter Your Yard to Keep Out Bugs

A handful of bugs can grow into a destructive colony in a matter of days, and one of those infestations could end up costing you huge sums of money if you aren’t careful.

Home Improvements

New Lease on Life: Five Tips for Restoring Historic Homes

For all their unique charm and history, historic homes make restoration no easy task. Even when you can see past the property’s current state of disarray, there is simply no getting around the enormous amount of work needed before you can live in a historic home.

Home Buying-Home Selling

Preparing for Your State Real Estate License

In the state of Nevada or any other state, before you can represent buyers and sellers of real estate, you must obtain a license from the state. This license is called a Real Estate Salesperson’s license and it shows that you have the know-how to properly represent your clients.

Weekly Sunday Tips

Sunday Morning Tip for March 17: Kitchen Caution: What to Avoid When Overhauling Cooking Space

Do-it-yourself home improvement projects are common, but not all projects should be entirely completed on your own.

Exterior Home

Stand Out in Your Neighborhood: 4 Ways to Make Your Home Exterior Unique

As a homeowner, you should target keeping your home in a pristine condition that will make it highly coveted in the neighborhood. A unique design generally makes your home stand out of the rest in the neighborhood while also boosting its net worth.

Home Buying-Home Selling

Why Consider Modular Homes?

As the real estate market continues to reel from the effects of the housing crisis well over ten years back, we are seeing residential property values slowly creeping back to pre-recession numbers. Still, it’s too early to say that things are looking good for real estate in the country, considering political and economic factors that are making the market more or less volatile.

Home Decor

What You Need to Avoid When Decorating With Faux Pas

You have the right furniture, the perfect accessories and vivid color on the walls. But does something not fit in? Is something not right? It could be because of one of the most common decorating problems. But do not worry!

Home Office

Launching a Business Startup from Home

There’s nothing like seeing an idea through to fruition, but not everyone has the ability to start out of the gate with a shop, warehouse, or office space.


6 Best Window Blinds and Shades for Reducing Dust and Allergens

Allergy season is dreadful for those who have a sensitivity to the outdoor environment. However, most people don’t realize that their home environment causes just as many sneezing spells and congested sinuses as the outdoors.


Renovation – What You Need to Know About Insurance

Starting out on a renovation project is an exciting time. You are looking forward to seeing the finished result and cannot wait to get things under way.

General Home Decor

7 Simple Ways to Give Your House a Luxurious Look

Tired of that old, drab look of your house? Want to give a luxurious touch to it but have a limited budget?

Plumbing and Wiring

Protect Your Pipes: 4 Things You Should Never Pour Down the Drain

Now that you’re a homeowner and responsible for all maintenance and repairs, you’ll want to do everything possible to avoid repairs. One thing you can do is not put pipe-clogging food and cooking residue down your drains.

Nursery Room

7 Practical Gifts for Your “New Mom” Friends

Welcoming a baby into your life is one of the most beautiful life changes a family experiences, and it’s also a time for celebration. When someone you love welcomes a new baby via birth or adoption, it’s customary to bring a gift to the new mom to congratulate her on the beautiful new addition to her family.

Weekly Sunday Tips

Sunday Morning Tip for March 10: 4 Additions That Make Your New Kitchen Something Special

A new kitchen can make you feel giddy and like anything is possible in the culinary department. If you want your new kitchen to be something for the record books, however, you have to go the extra mile.

Home Security

How to Be Sure Your New Home Is Safe

You’ve just bought a new home, and you’re planning to move in. This is an exciting time, but it’s also when you need to focus on safety.

Home Renovation

7 Steps to Avoid Delays During Your Home Renovation Project

Home renovation projects are some of the regular personal undertakings that you may desire to implement this summer. Such a project may, however, be faced with significant challenges

Home Maintenance

How to Protect Your Home from Water Damage Woes

Once you purchase a home, there are many things that you will have to take into account over the years. Instead of being able to call up your landlord for repairs, you will need to take care of all of that on your own.


10 Tips to Efficiently Keep Your Bathroom Clean

Cleaning your bathroom seems like a never-ending process. After you spend half of your Saturday scrubbing and rinsing, you expect it to stay tidy for at least a few days. But inevitably, you walk in to take a shower and the whole room is a mess.

Home Buying-Home Selling

Listing Your Home This Spring? 4 Backyard Additions for Increased Resale Value

It is that time of year again. Spring is on the horizon and people are looking to list their homes.