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Attics are often places left unused and neglected. They are often difficult to access, and making them usable comes with numerous challenges. However, they can be a valuable part of your home like any other room if you give them some love.

Now imagine this for your basement? A personal wind and cheese cellar room. A place where you can entertain friends with your best wine and cheese collection. Not a bad idea!

Whatever you decide to use the space for, a finished basement will give you extra room and opportunity to get the most out of it . How can you get your basement in top condition and ensure that you’re actually making use of this space in your home, rather than just wasting it?

You need to have the right amount of square footage to place an additional bedroom, office, living room, or home theater in any home. However, the primary levels of your home don’t always work well for such additions.

Did you know that a completed basement conversion adds value and square footage to your home? Read our article to learn about 12 new inspiring basement conversion design ideas today!

Would you like to use the attic space for something other than storage? How about using the space for hobbies and other activities that define who you are?

Would you like to increase the square footage of your home without putting an addition onto it? Then you might want to consider building a loft in it. There are different ways in which you can build a loft in your home.

The attic is valuable space that is often underutilized. Meaning that attics are often relegated as storage space for items that build up over time. Maybe that attic should be converted into something else.

In the majority of cases, basements are used as storage space or the laundry room. More often than not, the things you keep in your basement are usually things you could realistically do without.

So you are going to convert your attic space into another room. Question: what type of flooring should you consider? For the attic, let’s go with wood flooring. Below are some samples to consider.

So you work at home … or maybe you need a work station for paying bills or managing home needs. How about converting the attic into an attic home office or study area.

You need to do something with your attic space – it is just wasting away with storage stuff. How about moving the stuff out and converting it into a night gazing room.

Surprisingly, many homeowners don’t realize when they need to invest in a new sump pump. We mention eight obvious signs you need to replace your sump pump.

You have a few kids in the home – and they would like to have their own bedroom. The basement is the perfect space to wall up to setup 2-3 bedroom with a bathroom. You kids will thank you for it.

If you have little kids in the home, they need a play area where they can read, play and build their imaginations. The basement is a great place to build their play room.

Having an attic guest bedroom will be a coveted room for everyone. Add some skylights and everyone will want to sleep the night under the stars … especially your guests.

The family is coming for the weekend – or maybe there is a local event where someone needs a place to rent. A basement guest bedroom would be perfect.

Your attic doesn’t need to be wasted space? Or even just space for storage. How about converting the attic into a study/playroom area. A place where your kids can play and learn.

The basement is a big area space that can be utilized in multiple ways. So let’s take a look at the many different ways you can use your basement space. Remodeling your basement can add value to your home.

Imagine having an attic fitness room. An area where you can store all of your equipment and mats. Add a television and water fountain – it will be the envy of your neighbors.

You need to have your personal home office area – a place to work when you are home. A place to manage the home and bill paying. So how about setting up the home office in the basement.

You have come home after a long, tired day at work. You need to get away to relax the stress away. Then let’s go up into the attic to hide away in your personal attic bathroom.

How do you use your attic space? Do you use it for storage and some of your spouse’s junk? How about converting part of your attic into a living area? You can make it really creative – since it is your hideaway. So let’s begin by viewing this pic image to see how you might design your attic space.

Let’s go down into the basement for some fun. Because you have converted your basement into a recreation room for family fun and gatherings.

Need to get to the attic. So why not build a stylish attic staircase that connects the attic with any floor level. It could be elaborate in style or something simple. Just stylish enough to make you proud.

One key function of the basement area is utility. Meaning the basement space is to house those items such as HVAC, laundry, and other “home utility” needs.

The last you need is a basement flood. It does so much damage and takes a lot of energy to clean it up. So what can you do to prevent it?

Having your personal home storage room in the basement is a must if you are looking to save money and to protect your family from an unfortunate storm or disaster that may come your way.

What should be in the basement? It is a great area for storage – whether it is household goods and other house items.

A perfect solution for the artistic person in your home. Convert your attic space into an artist studio room and work area.