6 Bathroom Updates on a Budget

6 Bathroom Updates on a Budget
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    A new bathroom can cost you tens of thousands of dollars, money cash strapped homeowners may not have available.

    You can get a “new look” bathroom without investing large sums of monies, by updating key elements and making use of what you have.


Refresh your bathroom this weekend!

With you and your spouse working side by side, you can update your bathroom in a weekend and enjoy your refreshed room by Monday.

1. Replace the mirror

– A quick, easy and inexpensive update to any bathroom is replacing the current mirror with a new or different one. If your bathroom is small, opt for a larger mirror to give the impression that the room is larger than it really is. If you’re desiring a certain theme for your bathroom, such as a country look, find a rustic wood trim mirror and use that. Paint or varnish to suit your tastes.

2. Paint the bathroom

– A fresh coat of paint can liven up any bathroom. Choose lighter colors and remove that old, dreary wallpaper. Use a paint that can withstand moisture and hide a multitude of flaws on your walls. Some paints have a primer built right in, saving you a step…and time!

3. Replace your curtains

– Shower and window curtains can instantly change the look of any bathroom, so replace these as part of your update. A transparent or opaque shower curtain can make your bath appear larger, presenting a neutral look for this room. Pair your window curtains with the theme that you want for your bathroom. For example, if you want a nautical look, then lighthouse touches on your curtains, walls and vanity would be appropriate.

4. Exchange bathroom fixtures

– An old light, faucet or handles can age your bathroom, so change these out for a low budget update. A modern faucet or one that complements your country theme will get noticed. A light fixture that maximizes light while offering an updated design can make a huge difference.

5. Rip up the carpeting

– Carpeted bathrooms were all the rage a few years ago, but this trend has thankfully passed on by. Even if your carpeting was water resistant, it still attracts dirt, germs and smells. The same can be said for a throw rug. Clean up your ceramic floors to make the most of your room. Grout or replace tiles as necessary.

6. Accessorize with care

– New sinks, tubs and toilets can cost you dearly. So, for a simple update, include accessories that give your bathroom a fresh look. Install a shelf on the wall above the toilet, swap out your soap and toothbrush holders, and bring in a new wastebasket. Simple changes that can have a profound impact on the look of your bathroom.

Pay Off

A simple update can put off a major upgrade for several years, allowing you to save your money now to pay cash later for desired changes. Spend some time this weekend on updating your bathroom and you’ll come away with a room that sparkles.

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