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Some ideas include a man's cave, rec room, home theater room, home office and more. But don't forget the basement is also great for storage and utility: view ideas below

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Use this 6-Step Home Remodeling "Quick Guide" to review the basement remodeling process. It assembles information you need and outlines it a step-by-step view.

Step 1: Analyze the Numbers

Before you start any basement remodeling project, run some financial numbers to determine whether your project is a smart investment.

The numbers include the estimated costs, home value assessment, financing costs, and other related calculations.

Review cost-related issues to basement remodeling vs. buying a new home.

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estimate the cost of your project
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Step 2: Collect Ideas

Your 2nd step in basement remodeling is deciding what you would like to do and collecting ideas.

This includes reviewing -

  • basement remodeling pics,
  • basement remodeling ideas,
  • architectural plans,
  • floor layouts,
  • home gallery,
  • basement company information,
  • basement shopping and more.

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Step 3: Plan the Needed Specs

Step 3 is sketching your ideas on paper (or digitally) and developing the spec plan.

The spec plan determines what type of materials and design considerations that will be needed. It will also contain the product specifications for each remodeling element such as bath appliances, flooring, cabinetry, other.

You will use the spec plan and architectural design to bid the project out to a contractor.

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Step 4: Find a Contractor

Step 4 is finding and negotiating the contract with a basement remodeling contractor.

Give your remodeling ideas and specs to a contractor for review and bid analysis.

Use the local network (aligned with HomeAdvisor) to find the right contractor for your project.

Review guides for contractor selection and negotiation.

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Step 5: Financing Your Project

Step 5 is arranging financing once you select the contractor and finalize the contract for your project.

Using the equity value in your home is one of the best financing option for basement remodeling. Start with a home equity line of credit or a bank equity program.

Other options may include cash-out refinancing, personal savings, and/or financing from home improvement contractors.

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Step 6: Manage the Project

Step 6 is where the project begins.

It starts with setting up the work area, removing everything that needs to be replaced, installing plumbing and electrical if needed, putting in the final touches, etc.

It also means working with the contractor, managing the project, and getting the remodeling project inspected before releasing any funds.

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View Basement Remodeling Ideas

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The 2nd step in basement remodeling is deciding what you would like to do. This includes reviewing basement remodeling ideas, architectural styles, home pics and more.

View A: Basement Photo Remodeling

Our collection of photo remodeling ideas for the basement (and attic) area.

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View B: House Plans

An excellent resource for remodeling trends is to view house plans from leading architects.

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house plans
more house plans
architectural styles


View C: Gallery

View our selected gallery for the basement area.

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gallery: basement uses
gallery: attic conversion


View E: Home Improvement Directory

Finally, view this indexed directory to product information from manufacturers and retail operations.

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search: basement
search: attic


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More Topics on Basement Design

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When getting ready to redo your basement, it’s not unusual to find at least some water damage. While it may look bad, basement water damage is typically easy to deal with.

Stay Tuned for Our Future Basement Posts!

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What Can We Say About Basement Remodeling

The basement is another floor level that can be coverted into something fun or useful. Would you like your basement to become a rec room, storage area, and/or home theater room?

So start with this step-by-step guide after you review the basement conversion ideas and topics above. This step plan will help plan and manage the project to convert your basement into something grand.