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Bed and Bath

A Guide to Fitting a Small Bathroom

Tweet With careful planning and remodeling it is possible to make clever use of even the most compact of spaces and design an area that is both practical and personal.

Home Theater

How To Set Up a Home Theater

Tweet Bring movie sounds to life in your home. In coming weeks, we’re planning to share information with you about setting up a home theater. Sounds expensive, right? Well, you

General News

First Time Home Buyer: Not as Easy as HGTV

Tweet My family is a big fan of HGTV, the formally named “home & garden television” network. HGTV hasn’t lost its theme, but its four-letter nomenclature is simply easier to


Ideas for Your Attic Conversion

Tweet If you are seeking a quick home sale it’s important to make your home stand out from the rest in the area and adding extra space inside can give


Storm Recovery and Homeowners Insurance

Tweet Hurricane season and your home insurance policy. Following an extraodinarily active and deadly spring tornado season, homeowners across the Gulf and Atlantic coasts are keeping a wary eye on

Renovation Designs

Popular Home Additions

Tweet There are many reasons why a couple or a family may decide to stay in their home. It may be a home that they wish to keep in the

Home Decor

How to Make a Small Area Appear Larger

Tweet Making do with what you have is something interior designers have been making happen for years. Their services are sought after by city apartment dwellers and first time homeowners

Kitchen and Dining

5 DIY Money Saving Kitchen Improvement Tricks

Tweet By Alex Levin Here are 5 cost friendly do-it-yourself tips and tricks for minor kitchen improvements. 1. Cabinet Noise Softener – Cork it:  While plenty of newer appliances have

Kitchen and Dining

Kitchen Details – Door Knobs and Handles

Tweet While the selection of your door knobs and handles are unlikely to be your primary concern when decorating your kitchen, it is finishing touches like these that can make

Siding / Exterior Decor

You Can Pressure Wash Your Vinyl Siding

Tweet How to clean your home’s siding. My neighbor was worried that the vinyl siding he installed on his house last year would not be able to hold up under

Walls and Painting

Unique Uses of Wallpaper

Tweet Once great wallpaper has been selected, there is often a large amount leftover after applying it. This extra wallpaper may seem destined for the trash, but there are actually

Doors and Windows Home Structure

Energy Star Tax Credits Expire at Year End

Tweet Are you aware that certain Energy Star tax credits are still in effect? This may come as a surprise to you given the big publicity in 2009 and 2010

Siding / Exterior Decor

How to Choose the Right Home Siding

Tweet Cost effective siding need not bust your budget. Choosing the right siding for your home is as easy as considering wood, brick or vinyl, right? Well, no. If you

Laundry Room

6 Ways to Renovate a Laundry Room

Tweet Well, if you’re planning to sell your home, the laundry room can enhance or detract from your home’s appeal, perhaps making the difference with some buyers. Fortunately, a laundry


Moving Companies: Unregulated and Out Of Control

Tweet By Fairfax Transfer and Storage of Springfield, Virginia There is no shortage of scary stories out there about simple moves that went wrong. Unscrupulous movers. Homeowners who never got

Roofing and Gutters

How to Inspect Your Roof

Tweet Your home’s roof protects your house and its contents from the effects of weather. A properly functioning roof keeps moisture out and helps to maintain interior temperatures especially in

Bed and Bath

6 Bathroom Updates on a Budget

Tweet With you and your spouse working side by side, you can update your bathroom in a weekend and enjoy your refreshed room by Monday. 1. Replace the mirror –

General News

Children and Teens at Risk With This Silent Killer

Tweet By Doug Richards It happens so quickly it’s hard to believe: Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. Car exhaust Flames in a blocked chimney Water Heaters Space Heaters Gas Dryers Gas Cooking

Home Renovation

7 Ways to Survive a Home Renovation

Tweet The prospect of renovating a home is always exciting. However, the actual process can be downright nerve wracking, even for those who are extremely well prepared. Here are five

Kitchen and Dining

Apartment Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Tweet Working with a small kitchen area. If you own or rent an apartment or condominium, you may have a kitchen that is small, with a minimal work area and