Cultivating Your Space: 4 Signs You Could Use a Professional Interior Designer

Cultivating Your Space: 4 Signs You Could Use a Professional Interior Designer
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    If you've come to the conclusion that you need to renovate or redecorate your home, you have two choices: You can do the work yourself, or you can seek professional help from an interior designer.

    Are you wondering which way to go?


If so, consider these four signs that indicate you should definitely hire a professional interior decorator.

Your Home Need Upgrading, but You Get Overwhelmed Thinking About Doing the Upgrades on Your Own

Does your home look like it was last renovated sometime in the 1990s or earlier? Or perhaps some of the surfaces in your home are newer, but you have a mixture of styles that just doesn’t look right. Maybe the former owners of your home made some distasteful choices. In any case, you’re stuck with an environment that you feel dissatisfied with, and maybe it even bothers you every time you look at it.

If that’s your situation, you aren’t alone. Many homeowners find themselves with these dilemmas. Even worse, they often have no idea how to fix these problems. It can be challenging to pinpoint which elements in a home need changing in order to transform an outdated room into a visually pleasing space.

An artistic interior designer can help you sort out situations like these. A skilled designer from Stephanie Kratz Interiors or a similar company can easily help you harmonize a hodgepodge of surfaces, making the most of what you already have while introducing new elements that will tie your home’s look together and make it cohesive.

Your Home Needs Complicated Renovations

A general rule is that the more complex the renovations you need, the more you need professional help. For example, if you need to knock out a wall in your home to create an open floor plan, it’s wise to hire a professional interior designer, or even an architect, to advise you.

You Have More Money Than Available Time

If you’re too busy to do your own decorating, it’s sensible to hire a professional to handle the project for you. There’s no sense in having your renovations drag on endlessly because you’re juggling too many other tasks to keep on top of the home remodeling project.

You Aren’t Handy with Paint or Power Tools, and You Have No Desire to Figure Them Out

Do you know the difference between a skill saw and a jigsaw? Do you have an understanding of whether you should choose high-gloss, semi-gloss, satin or matte stain for your floor? Or exactly which paint colors you should choose for painting your walls versus your trim? Do you have any idea how to get the best value on paint, varnish, and the other supplies you’ll need?

You could learn any of the skills necessary for renovating your home. On the other hand, it’s also possible to make expensive mistakes as you learn. Many homeowners find it far more cost-effective to hire a professional interior designer than to do the work on their own.

If even one of the above scenarios rings true for you, you could benefit greatly from hiring an interior designer to work with you on upgrading your home. If more than one of these situations applies to you, you’ll definitely want to work with a professional.

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