Make Your Living Room Cozy This Winter

Make Your Living Room Cozy This Winter
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    Your Christmas decorations have been packed up and put away, revealing just how spartan your living room looks during the winter.

    It may be gloomy outside, but that gloominess does not need to invade your home, especially in your living room where you and your family spend most of the time.


You can add some sparkle to this room, transforming it into a cozy setting that will see you through the coldest months of the year.

1. Swap out your wall art. What you have hanging on the wall may not make much difference to you, but if the paintings or photographs are different, you and everyone else may sit up and take notice. Go through your inventory of wall art and make changes to maximize appeal. Or move your existing art work around to bring in a new look or a refreshed style to your living room.

2. Say it with pillows. You could recover a sofa or spread a blanket across a worn or tired looking chair. Just as easily you can rearrange your pillows, by adding in some color where it may be missing right now. A pair of heart-shaped red pillows will add some spark to your living room, offering a subtle, but stated reminder that Valentine’s Day is approaching.

3. Rearrange your coffee table. What books do you have on display? Are they easily accessible on your coffee table? Swap out your current reads to include new books including one for a favorite vacation destination and another for sports highlights, particularly NFL football, skiing or ice-skating. Center the table with a covered glass jar filled with wrapped candies and place an unlit candle set in one corner. You might also prefer to swap out the coffee table books with a chess set.

4. Increase the snuggabiliity factor. You can make your living room even more inviting for your family by bringing out quilts and blankets, especially on weekend afternoons and early evenings. Light the candles, put out some snacks and turn on the television to share a sporting event. Match your blankets to reflect your favorite team or bring out a winter scene quilt for everyone to share.

Winter Considerations

If you have a fireplace, by all means light it when the room has guests present. Use softly scented candles to eradicate mustiness or to create a mood that is inviting as well as enjoyable. If natural lighting is limited, consider replacing those heavy drapes with sheer curtains to bring in more sunshine. Lastly, slap a coat of fresh paint on your walls to give it a fresh look, perhaps using a contrasting color on one wall for a dramatic statement.

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