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Home Financing

Refinancing Considerations for Homeowners

Tweet Refinancing your mortgage can save you money, enabling you to secure a lower rate that you can enjoy for the life of your loan. Not every consumer should refinance,

General Home Decor

8 Fastest Interior Changes to Boost Your Home’s Value

Tweet While there are all sorts of things you can do that will increase the value of your home, not all of them are economically feasible. Some cost more than

Kitchen and Dining

How to Install a Kitchen Sink

Tweet A simple project for the weekend home improvement guy or gal. Saturday Project Replacing a kitchen sink is a fairly straightforward process, a job that you can complete on


How to Find the Right Moving Company

Tweet It is time to look for a moving company, but you have no idea where to start. Finding the right moving company can be done, provided that you follow

Exterior Home

Five Ways to Add Curb Appeal to Your Home

Tweet Homes such as this make us drive by quickly without giving them a second thought. Curb appeal is something most home owners want, but few know how to achieve

Kitchen and Dining

How to Renovate & Organize a Kitchen Pantry

Tweet Yet, a pantry offers walk-in convenience and can prove an effective food storage area that is so close to your kitchen. If your home lacks a pantry, but has

Bed and Bath

A 3-Step Process to Ending Bathroom Clutter

Tweet I bet it is that plastic yellow hair brush, jammed between the cabinet and the back of the drawer, propped up by years of accumulated unused bathroom products. A


Basement Finishing Tips and Tricks

Tweet Read on for some tips and tricks to get this valuable, but underused area of your home ready for use. 1. Ensure that it is dry. Basements have a

Home Utility

Alarm Systems in the Digital Age

Tweet Alarm Systems in the Digital Age The capabilities of systems provided by, for example, go far beyond what anyone imaged in previous decades. Today, everyone who wishes to protect

Home Safety

Home Safety Tips for Accident Prevention

Tweet You can avoid becoming a statistic by keeping these household hazards in mind. Kitchen chemicals — Detergents, pesticides and cleaners can keep your house clean and effectively free of

Home Lighting

How to Replace a Fluorescent Ballast

Tweet Fix a ballast with your household tools. Once you determine a bulb hasn’t blown or a fuse has been tripped, replacing your ballast can be accomplished in less than

Home Structure

7 Renovating Mistakes That Can Sink Your Project

Tweet Plan your home renovation project carefully. 1. Incomplete planning — You would think that a renovation project would be well planned, but some clearly are not. If you’re doing

Home Renovation

Floor Covering and Your Home Renovation Plans

Tweet One area that is easy to overlook is your flooring. You may not purposefully be neglecting this area of your house, thinking that this job will get done as

Home Renovation

5 Things to Keep in Mind Before You Start Your Renovations

Tweet So whether you want to remodel your kitchen or add a new room to your home, there are a few things that you should keep in mind before starting

Home Renovation

3 Home Improvements Worth the High Costs

Tweet To help set things straight, let’s take a look at three great options that are worth your investment. kitchen & dining • bathroom • bedroom • home decor •

Bed and Bath

How to Install a Pedestal Sink

Tweet Easy home improvement project for a Saturday afternoon. Brands such as Kohler, St. Thomas, American Standard, Barclay and Crane can give your bathroom a special touch with sinks and

Financing Home Financing

Will Mortgage Providers Ease Lending Standards?

Tweet Tough mortgage underwriting standards remain. The index, released at the end of July, is delayed by several months to allow for data gathering and adjustments. The positive news has

Home Furniture

The Art of Furniture Rotation

Tweet Occasionally you may merely grow weary of seeing the same pieces in the same location year after year. Below are some ideas and tips on what you might want

Laundry Room

How to Fix Your Clothes Dryer

Tweet Dryer repair tips and tricks. Were that dryer repairs so easy! In this case I found that the dryer’s wire had worked its way loose from the wall just

Home Decor

Five Tips to Make a Small Room Seem More Spacious

Tweet Whether it’s a living room, den, family room or bedroom, small spaces make us feel confined. They can also be hard to decorate because the wrong furniture can give