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Home Financing

Refinancing Considerations for Homeowners

With mortgage rates still flirting with historic lows, refinancing now can help you avoid higher rates later on when inflation inevitably becomes a factor. Interest rates have been held artificially low thanks to fed action, but few analysts believe that they’ll stay this low for years, perhaps for just months to come.

Home Interior Design

8 Fastest Interior Changes to Boost Your Home’s Value

When you’re selling your home, you want (and need) to get as much out of it as possible. That means doing what you can to boost its value.

Kitchen and Dining

How to Install a Kitchen Sink

If your kitchen could use a sprucing up, a logical place to start is with the kitchen sink. Sinks tend to get a lot of use, accumulating much grime and losing its sheen quicker than, say, your counter tops, floors and cabinet faces.


How to Find the Right Moving Company

You’ve sold your house or are ready to move out of your apartment. You have been considering moving everything yourself, but your furniture is heavy and friends to help are few and far between. Besides, you are not so young yourself.

Exterior Home

Five Ways to Add Curb Appeal to Your Home

We’ve all taken a drive through a charming neighborhood only to be greeted by the sight of a rundown house. Maybe the front yard hadn’t seen a lawn mower in months, the fixtures were outdated and the paint was weathered or an unfortunate color.

Kitchen and Dining

How to Renovate & Organize a Kitchen Pantry

A kitchen pantry is the backbone of many homes, offering a convenient place to store dry goods and nonperishables. Pantries have changed down through the years, going from an essential storage area to an optional one in many homes thanks to refrigeration.

Bed and Bath

A 3-Step Process to Ending Bathroom Clutter

My drawer is no longer a drawer. I pull as hard as I can, but the hand-stained hardwood gets no further out than a stubborn half-inch from under the countertop. How did my drawer get this way?


Basement Finishing Tips and Tricks

A home’s basement is a rec room just ready to be used. Or maybe a library. Perhaps even a family room. Getting this room ready for regular use takes some work even if it already has drywall in place, electrical connections available and sufficient natural and electrical lighting present.

Home Safety

Alarm Systems in the Digital Age

Recent technological advances have radically changed alarm systems. Previous analog systems were expensive, clunky, visually limited and difficult to install. A host of technological developments, however, have made these systems smaller, easier to install and much more capable.

Home Safety

Home Safety Tips for Accident Prevention

Our homes are our refuge from the world, familiar places that offer comfort, solitude and respite. But, there are dangers lurking where we spend our most time, with household chemicals, fire and even our beloved pets presenting possible hazards if we’re not careful.

Home Lighting

How to Replace a Fluorescent Ballast

A fluorescent ballast is an ideal workroom or laundry room lighting fixture, providing much needed lighting in areas where space is at a premium. Such fixtures are fairly simple and can be replaced if evidence of failure has been found.

Home Structure

7 Renovating Mistakes That Can Sink Your Project

A renovation project can be an enjoyable process, one that yields a home that is updated, stylish and meets your requirements. That’s the best case scenario, however just one mistake can sink your project. Let’s take a look at seven renovating mistakes and how these can be avoided.

Home Renovation

Floor Covering and Your Home Renovation Plans

With any home improvement project, you’ve taken care to ensure that every detail of your home is covered. From the windows and the doors to the electrical lines and the plumbing.You know what type of wall coverings you want, where fixtures will be placed and have picked out an area for a built-in library/media center.

Home Renovation

5 Things to Keep in Mind Before You Start Your Renovations

o matter how large your home is, there is always room for some sort of renovating to be done. And while most would love to have a renovation project go just as envisioned more often than not the project doesn’t turn out like you wanted.

Home Renovation

3 Home Improvements Worth the High Costs

It’s no secret that home improvement projects can cost thousands of dollars. While many home improvement jobs are worth the cost, there are some that aren’t worth your time.

Bed and Bath

How to Install a Pedestal Sink

A pedestal sink is ideal for a half-bathroom, a true space saver where available room is at a premium. Such sinks may feature a basic design or a more ornate look with crisp styling, stainless steel treatments and a wider pedestal.

Home Financing

Will Mortgage Providers Ease Lending Standards?

The U.S. housing market is certainly not stellar, but it apparently has put its very worst years behind it. The S&P/Case-Shiller home index rose by 2.2 percent in May, with all 20 of the nation’s largest metropolitan areas posting average housing price gains over April.

Home Furniture

The Art of Furniture Rotation

If you have a passion for your home and it’s furnishings, you may have more than enough furniture and decorating accessories. Some of these items are seasonal or have a specific holiday theme. Some pieces of furniture are cherished heirlooms. Although beautiful, they may not blend with your décor.

Laundry Room

How to Fix Your Clothes Dryer

My neighbor called me last week and said that her dryer wasn’t working. I went over to her house, gave her dryer a look, plugged it in and it began working. Just like that.

Home Decor

Five Tips to Make a Small Room Seem More Spacious

No matter how beautiful your home is, there may be one room you dread going into because of its small size. At a house we lived in years ago, the back bedroom was so tiny we ended up transforming it into an office.