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Just Bath

4 Bathroom Improvements That Make It More Enjoyable

Bathrooms, old and new are what home comfort is all about. No matter what shape your bathroom is in, this multi-purpose space has the potential to provide a multi-purpose area to answer the call.

Home Decor

Halloween Decor Ideas That Won’t Frighten Your Budget

The long stretch of time between summer and Thanksgiving gives homeowners a perfect opportunity to decorate their homes for the fall season, perhaps adding a touch of Halloween whimsy to spark delight in young and old alike.

Home Decor

4 Festive Autumn Home Decor Tips

Tweet Chances are you have been thinking about autumn decor and what seasonal decorations should grace your home. We’ll add a few ideas of our own including tips from some

Home Decor

Rental Redesign Tips for Tenants

Tweet Thus, if you want to move a wall, replace a door or put in crown molding, don’t expect your landlord to be receptive to your request. What you may

Home Decor

Invigorate Your Dining Room: Five Easy Options

Tweet The dining room has lost much of its appeal over the past few generations as families are more likely to eat on the run and are less likely to

Holiday Decor

Easter Home Decor Tips and Ideas

Barely had we recovered from the turkey-based excesses of Christmas than the Easter eggs were lining the supermarket shelves. There are the celebrations, the bunnies, the commercialism, the cakes, the chocolate, the eggs and all that yellow

Home Decor

What To Do With An Empty Boxroom

If all you see when you look at that tiny wannabe bedroom is a bit of dead space – think again. It’s time to think outside the box(room) and realise the potential that lies before you.

Kitchen and Dining

7 Affordable Dining Room Updates

The dining room just is not the same gathering place for American families as it once was. With so many homes now made up of two working parents, time-pressed families may find it easier to simply prepare meals in the kitchen and eat there.

Home Decor

Christmas Hearth Decorating Tips

The hearth is the heart of the home, where many families gather to celebrate the holidays, play games and to simply stay warm. That warmth may come from a traditional log fireplace or from a natural gas-supplied unit.

Walls and Painting

7 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Shade of Paint

Choosing the right shade of paint isn’t easy. In fact, most people spend more time picking out a shade of paint than they do actually painting with it. Unfortunately, if you want a room that shines, you really need to take your time when choosing the paint.

Home Decor

5 Festive Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas

Thanksgiving can sometimes get pushed to the side as Halloween and Christmas loom large. When it comes to decorating your home for this beloved federal holiday, you can assemble a variety of decorations for a memorable seasonal touch.

Home Interior Design

Shabby Chic: Home Decor Projects that Will Add Some Bling Without Too Much Ka-Ching

Decorating your home is a perfect avenue for expressing creativity. Decor does not need to be elaborate or costly to have the appearance that it was designed by a professional.

Home Decor

Inexpensive Fall Home Decor Ideas

As cooler fall weather settles in, our attention turns from the outside of the home to its inside. If you haven’t updated your decor since the beginning of the summer, the following fall home decor ideas are inexpensive and fun.


Should You Pursue Loft Living?

City dwellers know that one of the best places to set up a residence is in a converted loft building. Such buildings may have been previously used for industrial or commercial purposes and later repurposed for residential living.

Home Furniture

How to Save or Reuse Old Furniture

In today’s economy, throwing away out-dated, broken or just plain ugly furniture and buying new replacements isn’t always an affordable option. Furniture is a necessity, not just a luxury, but when furniture gets old and tired, buying new items to fill your home can cost the earth.

Home Interior Design

Make Your Home Accessories Work For You

Tweet You’ve been wanting to completely redesign your home, but there is a conflict brewing within. On the one hand, your heart yearns for a home that reflects your current

Garden Plants

What Everyone Should Know About Poinsettias

Tweet What you think you know about poinsettias may not be accurate or at least should be updated to reflect current information. In any case, if you are planning to


How to Brighten Up a Den

Tweet Dens typically do not have closets and therefore would not be considered a bedroom. Some dens offer a half-bath and even a separate entrance, making this an attractive room

Bed and Bath

Master Bedroom Renovation Ideas

Tweet By pushing out a wall, you can expand the footprint of your master bedroom, to encompass all or part of an adjoining room. Such a renovation may require the