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Cork: The Environmental and Practical Flooring You Haven’t Considered

Reclaimed and refinished hardwood isn’t the only sustainable flooring option that’s also fashionable and full of character. If you think your wine-snob dinner guests will be impressed by the cork in your bottles of chardonnay, wait’ll they get a look at your cork wood floors.

Lighting and Decor

15 Outdoor Decorating Ideas on a Budget

With spring in full swing, many people are spending more time outside. The warmer temperatures, beautiful blooming flowers, and green grass growing, it is time to get outside and see what nature has to offer.

Home Decor

All About Designing a Man Cave

How you decorate your man cave is your business. Likely, you have a theme in mind. For example, if you like racing, then your room will be filled with motor sports memorabilia. If you like fishing, then pictures and posters of your big catches are in order.

Home Maintenance

DIY or Not When It Comes To Property Maintenance?

Owning a piece of real estate can be very rewarding financially and psychologically as it gives you peace of property that you can call your own. While owning real estate is one path to creating wealth, it also requires you to maintain the property regularly.

Home Interior

How to Avoid the Home Contractor Blues

You’re about set to undertake a major home renovation project with a loan secured from your bank and plans drawn up by an architect. The next step you take is an all-important one, a move where you’ll hire a home contractor to oversee the entire job.

Home Financing

Should You Buy Off Campus Housing?

Forget the costly home improvement project: you still have one or more children to put through college, an expense that will drain you of your available capital. A desired home renovation project can wait, with those plans perhaps shelved until after your youngest graduates from college.

Home Lighting

Home Lighting Options

You can instantly update your home by changing out or installing new home lighting. Lighting is key with regards to establishing a welcoming and inviting home atmosphere. Although, there are some lighting fixtures that can cost an arm or a leg, there are many other affordable home lighting home options that can make the impact you want without breaking the bank.


Is Your Homeowner’s Insurance Adequate?

If you have recently completed an update to your home, is your homeowner’s insurance still providing adequate coverage?


4 Deck Choices For Your Home

Our outdoor living options have certainly expanded over the years. Gone are the simple concrete patios that offered a place for families to set up a picnic table and a grille for family gatherings. Today’s homeowners want decks, providing a near seamless transition from indoor living to outdoor enjoyment.

Home Financing

A Second Mortgage and Your Home

A second mortgage is debt that along with your first mortgage must be paid back to satisfy the lien on your home.


Tips On Cleaning Out Your Vanities and Medicine Cabinets

Are certain nooks and crannies in your home being neglected? Is stuff just piling up everywhere in your house? Personally, I took a look around my house one weekend and could not believe the amount of clutter there was around and that was just in the visible areas!

Home Financing

Low Appraisals and Your Home’s Refi

Refinancing a home can yield tremendous savings for some homeowners, but getting it refinanced means having it appraised properly.


How to Waterproof a Basement

A home with a basement is desirable as it can provide additional storage space, help regulate heating and cooling, and provide shelter when weather conditions are dangerous. Basements, however, can accumulate moisture as water may seep in from the walls or through the floor.

Sun Room

Bring in the Outdoors with an Elegant Conservatory

Sunrooms can be used for one or more purposes including as an exercise room, a sitting area or as a breakfast nook.

You can also use a conservatory for two or more purposes — offering a living area as well as a place to showcase your indoor plants.

Home Furniture

How to Save or Reuse Old Furniture

In today’s economy, throwing away out-dated, broken or just plain ugly furniture and buying new replacements isn’t always an affordable option. Furniture is a necessity, not just a luxury, but when furniture gets old and tired, buying new items to fill your home can cost the earth.

Home Interior Design

Decoration for Renters

There is a wealth of advice on how to decorate, renovate and rejuvenate homes – whether you’re looking to try a bit of feng shui, go minimal or upgrade to a more luxurious décor.

Home Interior

Be Careful When Hiring a Contractor

If you’re preparing to have major renovations or repairs on your home, be forewarned. Unless you carefully choose a responsible contractor, you may get stuck with substandard work or no work at all.

Home Interior

Practical Guide to Barn Renovations

Renovating a barn is a great way to produce a unique home and offers a wonderful opportunity to get exactly the home you want in a beautiful, rural setting. There are may challenges when it comes to renovating a barn, though.