Easter Home Decor Tips and Ideas

Easter Home Decor Tips and Ideas
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    Barely had we recovered from the turkey-based excesses of Christmas than the Easter eggs were lining the supermarket shelves.

    There are the celebrations, the bunnies, the commercialism, the cakes, the chocolate, the eggs and all that yellow...


Easter is a wonderful time of the year but, like Christmas, if you start piling novelty ornaments and gaudy decorations in every nook and cranny of your home the whole thing starts to look more tacky than elegant and refined.

So, here’s my guide to Easter decorating the right way…

The Colour of Easter

Yellow isn’t the only colour associated with Easter! Being a spring holiday, Easter is a good time to opt for pastel colours – soft shades of blue, pink, purple, green and orange look great too. Just look to Mini Eggs for inspiration!

So, how to incorporate these into your home decor? Well, firstly don’t use them all unless you actually want to look like you live inside a giant packet of Mini Eggs. Instead, pick two that complement each other – such as lemon yellow and lilac, or pale blue and peach – and then use one as your ‘base’ colour and the other for the highlights.

As an example, why not swap your dining table cover for a pastel yellow one and top it with a pale blue table runner, or a glorious bunch of pale blue flowers as an eye-catching centrepiece?

All in a Lather…

A little bit of kitsch at Easter is not a bad thing, just use in moderation. Get rid of the Imperial Leather for a few days and replace it with some Easter soaps – check out Etsy for handmade soaps in all manner of shapes and designs.

They’re cute, they’ll make you feel all Easter-y when you wake up in the morning and they add just a hint of Easter to your bathroom decor without repainting the walls yellow or stringing pastel garlands over the walls!


What would Easter be without the eggs? Exactly. Nothing.  So you’ll want to infuse your home with the true essence of the Easter mood by incorporating traditional decorative elements such as eggs, Easter baskets, Easter trees (yes, there is such a thing) and birds’ nests.

Add a flourish with a wicker basket filled with hand-painted eggs (or eggs of the chocolate variety, if you must) and vases of fresh spring flowers such as tulips and daffodils placed on tables or windowsills.

Lay the Table

Like Christmas, Easter is also a time to engorge, quaff and immerse yourself in the spirit of the celebrations.  You’ll need an eye-catching and suitably ‘Easter’ centrepiece – why not place candles in silver holders in the centre of the table and then artfully arrange fresh greenery and spring flower-heads around the bases.

If there are kids around, leave a few foil-wrapped chocolate eggs poking out from amongst the greenery to encourage them to eat up their main course so they can get to the chocolately dessert!

Make a Wreath

Easter wreaths are one of the most traditional of decorations this time of the year, so unleash your creative side and make our own using natural vine material and embellishments.  Hanging one on your front door adds an instant festive touch to your home without looking tacky or out of place. To get you started, how about using speckled Easter eggs, silk flowers, little stuffed animals and ribbon?  Check out this wreath and this wreath for inspiration!

Make Your Own Easter Biscuits

It sounds like an oxymoron, but interior design isn’t all about looks. All the senses play a role in how we perceive a room and scent especially can evoke a nostalgic Easter feeling.

There’s nothing more enticing or welcoming than the comforting aroma of freshly baked food, so why not make your own Easter biscuits?  The ingredients are cheap, they’re easy to make and if you’ve got little ‘uns, you can get them involved in the Easter-fuelled revelry by helping out as well. 

Have you got any other suggestions for decorating your home at Easter? Share in the comments below.

Estelle Page is an interior designer who blogs for Rapid Racking.



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