7 Affordable Dining Room Updates

7 Affordable Dining Room Updates
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    The dining room just is not the same gathering place for American families as it once was.

    With so many homes now made up of two working parents, time-pressed families may find it easier to simply prepare meals in the kitchen and eat there.


This means the dining room remains unused or is used for other purposes such as a family room or an office.

If you want to win back the dining room and use it as it was intended, the following low-cost updates can give this room a fresh look, and may encourage everyone to enjoy its benefits.

1. Make use of wallpaper.

Wallpaper is the bane of many homeowners. Perhaps that reason lies squarely in the design chosen. Wallpaper can do far more for a room than any paint scheme can accomplish, offering elegance and warmth. Consider painting three walls and wallpapering the fourth for visual appeal and interest.

2. Add in chair rails.

What may be missing from your dining room could be much more than people. Perhaps this room could use a level of elegance to bring your family back in. Wood touches including chair rails, wainscoting and molding are inexpensive, but high-end looking updates, that can transform any standard room into an upscale environment.

3. Upgrade the flooring.

New flooring can be very expensive, therefore this project is best left for a major home renovation. Consider refinishing your floors and placing an area rug underneath the table. That rug should be large enough to accommodate the table’s legs. Leave some room between the rug and the walls to keep the floors exposed advises Lowe’s.

4. Modify the lighting.

Give your dining room a quick makeover by replacing your current chandelier with a new one. Choose one that reflects your new design look or offers a dramatic contrast.

5. Cover over the chairs.

New dining room furniture can cost you thousands of dollars. Why not recover the chair cushions only? It is a 14-Step process you can complete in just one day.

6. Make use of corner spaces.

Perhaps your dining room has a large, unused space that could extend your room’s purpose. An alcove area with windows, pendant lighting and a wall seat can add more seating capacity and make your dining area better suited to handle family holiday dinners. Use the new, dedicated area for more informal times, offering a much desired alternative to the kitchen table.

7. Bring in fresh highlights.

There are so many other ways you can add visual interest to your dining room. You can highlight artwork, hang up sheer curtains or plush drapery, make use of patterns, remove a leaf from a dining room table, color your furniture or even give it a multi-use look by including a family seating area. Find the look that is right for your family.

Dining Room Delights

Adding flair and distinction to a dining room does not have to bust your budget. Quite easily, you can pull in furniture from your storage areas or from around your house to give a look that is at once appealing and familiar. With its fresh look, perhaps your dining room will once again become the favorite eating area in your home.



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