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General Home Decor

Making your Home that Little More Personal – Getting the Small Things Right

Tweet A lot of people become fixated on the need to redecorate huge parts of their home to make the maximum impact not only on rooms, but on their own


Your Homeowners Insurance Following a Natural Disaster

Tweet Either way, you should review your homeowners insurance policy to ensure that it offers the right amount of coverage for your current needs. Flood Insurance If you live in

Heating and Cooling

Convert Your Wood Fireplace to Natural Gas

Tweet Fortunately, there is an option for homeowners that want the look, but not the mess — a natural gas fireplace with gas logs that looks nearly identical to the

Rec Room

How to Improve the Family Rec Room

Tweet If you plan on entertaining over the coming months, the following tips can help you improve your rec room space. 1. Your equipment. No rec room is complete without


Need to Move House Quickly? How Property Buyers can Help

Tweet If you need to make a quick house move, relying on the traditional process of estate agencies, viewings, offers and buyer chains can be time-consuming, preventing you from moving

Home Structure

How to Save on Energy Costs This Winter

Tweet For many Americans that means they will see record heating bills and may have to cut back elsewhere to balance their budgets. There are a number of ways you


5 Smart Home Renovation Tips

Tweet Before you get started, the following smart home renovation tips should be kept in mind. 1. Find the right contractor. The person that will oversee your job if you

General Home Decor

Shabby Chic: Home Decor Projects that Will Add Some Bling Without Too Much Ka-Ching

Tweet Sometimes, the best home decor can be created with simple do-it-yourself projects. You can fashion a decorative theme for a certain room (or your entire house) without spending the

Home Decor

7 Fall Organizing Tips

Tweet Colder temperatures, turning leaves and pumpkins define this season. You can add your own definition by incorporating seven fall organizing tips. 1. Swap out your wardrobe. Keep one or

Home Structure

Speedy Renovations Can Equal Shoddy Work

Tweet Giving your home a new face in time for Christmas can be immensely satisfying, but it can also be terribly unrealistic. A speedy renovation can mean shoddy work, as

Home Financing

How to Refinance Your Home

Tweet Refinancing makes sense if you plan to stay in your home for the long term, enabling you to enjoy the benefits of a lower monthly payment and have more

Home Decor

Inexpensive Fall Home Decor Ideas

Tweet 1. Pumpkin Bowl. Take any clear, glass serving bowl and fill it with small pumpkins and gourds. Set this display in the center of your table or place it

Yard and Garden

Fall Overseeding and Your Patchy Lawn

Tweet If you want to have a lush lawn next spring, then you need to tend your lawn before air temperatures drop and the ground freezes. lawn seed • electric


How to Donate Your Patio Furniture

Tweet Donate unneeded goods and gain a tax deduction. Furniture Donation Tips Donating your furniture can be a win-win proposition as you are able to get rid of what you

Home Lighting

How to Install an Electric Dimmer

Tweet The good news is that there’s typically no need to hire an electrician. Learn how to install an electric dimmer by following the six simple steps below. Materials: Electric

Doors and Windows

Door Styles That Make A Statement

Tweet Interior doors can be had for a pittance too, ranging from $25 for a hollow-core slab door to more than $1,000 for hinged-patio or sliding glass doors. You’ll pay

Exterior Home

Statement Making Stylish Storm Doors

Tweet The drabbest doors featured a small, glass area with a plain aluminum panel bottom. That panel often got dented or scuffed, taking away from the look of your home.

Walls and Painting

Interior Paint Colors: What’s Hot, What’s Not

Tweet But, not just any color mind you. Instead, there are some colors that are simply hot today with others that may not be so popular. paint samples • primers