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Home Interior Design

Making your Home that Little More Personal – Getting the Small Things Right

If you’re going to really make a house a home, then you need to look past the big changes.


Your Homeowners Insurance Following a Natural Disaster

Maybe you dodged a bullet with the latest natural disaster. Or, perhaps, you had to file a claim and are still handling repairs.

Heating and Cooling

Convert Your Wood Fireplace to Natural Gas

If you own a wood-burning fireplace, you may enjoy the look and warmth that it provides for your room. For some homeowners, such fireplaces are a hassle, needing regular maintenance and a steady supply of expensive wood that is stored outside and must be brought in and dried before using.

Rec Room

How to Improve the Family Rec Room

Homes that have basements are ideal places for putting in a recreation room. Also known as rec rooms, these areas are the favorite gathering spot of families over the holidays, the perfect retreat after a bountiful Thanksgiving or sumptuous Christmas meal.


Need to Move House Quickly? How Property Buyers can Help

Moving house can be stressful at the best of times, but doing it at short notice it can be especially so.

Home Utility

How to Save on Energy Costs This Winter

Make no mistake about it: fuel prices will be high again this winter.


5 Smart Home Renovation Tips

It is your home and you will soon be paying thousands perhaps tens of thousands of dollars to have it renovated. Your investment is a costly one, but something you believe will pay off with a home that is more enjoyable for your family and one that improves in value accordingly.

Home Interior Design

Shabby Chic: Home Decor Projects that Will Add Some Bling Without Too Much Ka-Ching

Decorating your home is a perfect avenue for expressing creativity. Decor does not need to be elaborate or costly to have the appearance that it was designed by a professional.

Home Decor

7 Fall Organizing Tips

Getting organized is not a science, rather it is an effort. Fall is the perfect time of the year to reorder your home with summer now past and the holidays approaching.

Home Structure

Speedy Renovations Can Equal Shoddy Work

Your home renovation plans have been brimming below the surface and suddenly you can think of a good reason to get this job done now: you’ll be entertaining for the holidays.

Home Financing

How to Refinance Your Home

Homeowners enticed by historically low interest rates are considering refinancing their homes. This may be an option for you as well, especially if you took out a mortgage several years ago and are paying an interest rate that is at least one point higher than your current rate.

Home Decor

Inexpensive Fall Home Decor Ideas

As cooler fall weather settles in, our attention turns from the outside of the home to its inside. If you haven’t updated your decor since the beginning of the summer, the following fall home decor ideas are inexpensive and fun.

Yard and Garden

Fall Overseeding and Your Patchy Lawn

Your lawn has survived the summer beat down, but it is now patchy, worn and a bit pathetic. Fall is the ideal time to aerate and overseed your lawn, a twin effort that can yield extraordinary results.


How to Donate Your Patio Furniture

Summer is over and it is time to put away your patio furniture. This year, however, you decided that you don’t want to put your furniture away. Instead, you plan to donate it with an eye toward buying new furniture by next spring.

Home Lighting

How to Install an Electric Dimmer

An electric dimmer switch allows you to vary the brightness of a lamp or other light. If you’d like to enjoy superior control over the intensity of a light, you should install an electric dimmer.

Doors and Windows

Door Styles That Make A Statement

Updating a home can get expensive, but if you want to make a small investment that can yield a fresh look, then changing your doors can liven things up. Yes, your doors — as in your interior doors and those leading to a patio, a deck or to the front of your house.

Exterior Home

Statement Making Stylish Storm Doors

It used to be that when you ordered a storm door for your home, you got two choices: drab and even drabber still.

Walls and Painting

Interior Paint Colors: What’s Hot, What’s Not

Short of a full-blown and expensive home renovation, what is the best way to refresh the interior of your home without going broke? Apply a new coat of paint, of course.