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Bed and Bath

Make Your Home More Livable This Year

Tweet You are in good company if you go through with your plans to renovate and stay put. Although millions of Americans will move this year, many more will stay

Bed and Bath

Remodeling Your Master Bedroom on a Budget

Tweet Whether your master bedroom renovation is a $10,000 project or a $1,000 project, following a few steps can help you dramatically decrease the expense of the renovation and to

Kitchen and Dining

Childproof Your Kitchen With Care

Tweet Fortunately for you, your child will recover. However more than 3 million children are treated in hospital emergency rooms each year for injuries sustained at home. Of these, more

Bed and Bath

How to Give Your Bedroom a Makeover

Tweet Obviously, a lot of the steps you can take will be dependent on your personal situation (such as if you’re single or married, for example), your taste and your

Bed and Bath

What You Need to Know About January White Sales

Tweet Some stores start sales immediately after Christmas, while others wait until Jan. Not White Originally, white sales featured white goods, but colors came in decades later when retailers understood

General Home Decor

How to Shop for White Sale Curtains

Tweet You had thought about painting the walls, replacing the carpeting and even undertaking a major renovation, but have learned the best budget-saving secret of interior design — new curtains

Bed and Bath

Finishing Touches to Make Your Bathroom Stand Out

Tweet I’ve recently remodelled the bathroom in my home and what really surprised me about the process was how much time it took me to decide on the little things,

Home Utility

Features of a Home Automation System

Tweet The number one crucial feature of the home automation system is the control it gives the home owner. The control offers an amazing since of security with its ability

Bed and Bath

Den of Slumber: Master Your Bedroom Design With These Simple Steps

Tweet While some design their bedroom for sleep alone, others use it as their sanctuary of relaxation, and others keep a television on when laying in bed. Do you like

Kitchen and Dining

7 Affordable Dining Room Updates

Tweet This means the dining room remains unused or is used for other purposes such as a family room or an office. If you want to win back the dining

Home Interior

Top 5 Online Interior Design Tools

Tweet We’ve listed some of our favourites for you to take a look at, each providing a great variety of functions and some brilliant inspiration. 1.       Smartdraw Smartdraw is a suite

Kitchen and Dining

7 Kitchen Updates That Won’t Bust Your Budget

Tweet This is a job you would like to get done next year, but the reality is that an extra year of planning and saving might be necessary to bring


What You Need to Know About Second Mortgages

Tweet Definition A second mortgage is as the name implies — it is second loan on a home and follows the primary or first mortgage. Typically, such loans are made

Outdoor Structures

Tips on Finding the Right Shed to Use as a Workshop

Tweet If not, you’ll need to buy one. The advantage of doing so is that you can pick a shed that’s designed to be used in this capacity, which means


Fed Up Of Water Build Up In Basement? Invest In Sump Pumps

Tweet Many own a well established office in the basement. Others usually use it as a store house.   But, we all are aware about the importance of home basements and that

Home Structure

Speedy Housing Cleaning Ideas

Tweet Short of employing a few obvious delaying tactics, you have to attack the important clean up jobs first. 1. Call for reinforcements. If you are home with the family,

Home Entertainment

Four Tips to Create Your Own Arts and Crafts Room

Tweet Millions are hooked on the trend of crafting. Whether you love to create scrapbooks, design rhinestone jewelry, quilt, create vision boards or partake in other artsy hobbies, a dedicated

Home Financing

What is a Mortgage Hardship Program?

Tweet These programs are designed to keep people in their homes and typically cover homeowners that have overextended themselves with credit, lost a job or have seen their home values

Home Interior

About Your New Year Renovation Project

Tweet Perhaps a sliding door has a tendency to get stuck or maybe a toilet is slow to flush. Or just maybe your home is too confining to entertain people

Home Renovation

Cost Considerations When Planning an Extension

Tweet To give you an idea of the kinds of things you should be thinking about, here are some of the top expenses associated with building an extension. Architect’s Fees