Make Your Home Accessories Work For You

Make Your Home Accessories Work For You


You’ve been wanting to completely redesign your home, but there is a conflict brewing within.

On the one hand, your heart yearns for a home that reflects your current desires. On the other hand, your mind knows that a major renovation will cost you a mint.

In this battle, the mind beats the heart — but not completely!

One way to lift up your heart while keeping your mind from going crazy is to change or move your accessories. In the home, accessories are those items that can be added to to make it more useful, versatile, or attractive. Artwork, an end table and a throw rug are some good examples of accessories that are found in the home.

Let’s take a look at some ways you can bring some fresh pizzazz into your home:

Review and Dream — Go from room to room in your house and make a mental note of what you have and where it is placed. Some items in one room can be placed in another room or tucked away in storage for another time. Consider space and room flow when dreaming up your design.

Your Room as Art — Room designers look at every room as a work of art. Likely, you do too. That means identifying its focal point and arranging everything accordingly. For example, if you have a fireplace, is there a conversation section that surrounds it or is furniture scattered about? Maybe there is a picture or a painting that your adore, but it is getting lost in a crowded room. Moving it from one wall to another or removing obstacles such as couch can help your prized artwork get noticed.

Showcase Your Personality — What do you have hanging over the fireplace? A mantle may be fine, but is there a painting or a mirror that tells people something about you? For example, a mirror with an antique silver leaf finish can accentuate your love for period furniture. When people enter that room, they’ll see the mirror and then take in your other furnishings including your Queen Ann chairs. Follow the work of designers such as Martha Stewart and HGTV for inspiration.

Add Some Pizzazz — Simple, yet profound changes can brighten up any room and help convince your heart that an important renovation has taken place. Replace that dull lamp shade with a Victorian Beaded Lampshade that fits in perfectly with your room’s Queen Ann theme. Go from room to room too: replace those tired and dated kitchen cabinet knobs; paint the kids’ wooden toy box or use stenciling; buy new drapes for the master suite; and place crown molding all throughout your formal dining area.

The idea with making your accessories work for you is to save money and to freshen your home. New throw pillows for the couch, repurposing old furniture and using it for something new, are ways for you to brighten up a home.

If anything, moving and changing accessories will buy you some time until you can undertake a major renovation. You can make small changes on the fly too, changing your rooms whenever you want to suit the season or your mood.



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