What To Do With An Empty Boxroom

What To Do With An Empty Boxroom
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    If all you see when you look at that tiny wannabe bedroom is a bit of dead space - think again. It’s time to think outside the box(room) and realise the potential that lies before you.



Any room that is bursting with clutter will feel smaller than it really is, so it’s vital to stow, rather than show your stuff. Maximise wall space by fitting tall and narrow bookcases or shelving units. Stack coloured boxes to store books, files, magazines and DVDs. If possible, use built-in storage solutions which are designed exactly around the dimensions of your room and can incorporate sloping ceilings and awkwardly shaped walls. 


Choose furniture that is an appropriate size for your boxroom and beware of squeezing too many pieces of furniture into such a small space. Cumbersome freestanding wardrobes and chests of drawers are out, multifunctional furniture is in – a bed with drawers underneath it and a bookshelf at the headboard gives you three pieces of furniture in one. Organise cupboards to ensure you make full use of all vertical space and, where possible, include fitted wardrobes that run from floor to ceiling. 


If you want a bed in your boxroom, it’s going to have to be a smallish one. A futon is a good choice because it doubles up as a bed and a sofa. Equally, a sofa bed can transform a small bedroom into a cosy den, but it’s worth spending a bit of money to make sure you get a comfortable one. Consider this nifty arrangement – a bed which by day houses a foldout desk and by night folds down as a wall bed. Platform-style beds come complete with extra under-bed storage compartments. Ditch space-guzzling bedside tables in favour of ledges and shelves on the wall.


Choose soft, light colours for the walls – white and neutral hues are preferable to grays or chalky tones if you’re trying to create a sense of lightness and brightness. Keep colours simple but add splashes of it with a headboard, wallpaper behind the bed and a cheerful duvet cover or rug. 


A small room always looks larger if it is well lit. Blinds are a better bet than curtains as they take up less space, so opt for a sheer fabric to flood the room with maximum amounts of natural light. If your ceiling is low, spotlights work better than hanging lights because they make the ceiling seem higher. Light every corner of the room with angled spot lights, wall mounted lights or lamps if you have the space. Painting the ceiling with gloss paint will bounce the light downwards. 


Clever use of mirrors can visually double the size of a room – sheet mirror is an affordable and effective way of bouncing light around a room and creating the illusion that your boxroom is much larger than it is. Alternatively, choose fitted wardrobes that incorporate mirrored surfaces.

There’s always a way of maximising space in every room of the house and your boxroom is no exception. With a bit of imagination you might find that you can give what you’ve always seen as dead space a new lease of life.



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