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Inexpensive Ways to Finish Your Basement

Tweet Save money on your home improvement project. The following are the steps you can take to help you accomplish the job: 1. Set the parameters for your project. First

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Saving Money in the Home: Great Tips for a Cheaper Life

Tweet Regardless of the financial outlook of the nation and beyond, people up and down the UK want to save money wherever they can so they can stay both solvent

Home Interior

Home Value Improvement Projects for the New Year

Tweet Simple jobs can have a profound impact on your home’s value. Yesterday, we talked about home renovations you accomplished this past year and the impact on your taxes. When

Home Interior

Home Renovations and Tax Deductions

Tweet The short answer here is no, but there may be some expenses such as refinancing that will help you qualify for a deduction. Beyond renovation costs there are some

Home Interior Design

Holiday Home Décor Ideas

Tweet Make your house look holiday ready with just a few simple ideas, which can be done in a day! We all want our house to look welcoming, festive and


Tips for Renovating a Small Den

Tweet What many homes do have, however, are work areas including small bedrooms that are perfect for a small den. These rooms may have a small square footage such as

Home Interior Design

Make Your Home Accessories Work For You

Tweet You’ve been wanting to completely redesign your home, but there is a conflict brewing within. On the one hand, your heart yearns for a home that reflects your current


Start Your Own Backyard Mini Chicken Farm For Less Than $300

Tweet The frustration of these financial doings is that as food prices go up — exponentially in some cases — the amount of money that is needed to procure these

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Tornado Safety Tips for Families

Tweet Stay safe when a tornado alert has been issued. Since 1925 there hasn’t been as deadly a year for tornado deaths in the United States as what was experienced

Energy Savings

6 Little Known Ways to Reduce Your Heating Bill

Tweet How to save money on heat. The months of December through March can have a big impact on your budget. And it isn’t just celebrating Christmas that can pressure

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Secrets of Renovating to Attract Higher Rental Clients

Tweet Update your rental to attract better tenants. If you own rental property, you know that attracting the best tenant is the key to ensuring that your rental remains occupied


What You Should Know About Replanting a Live Christmas Tree

Tweet Live greenery for the home. One of the most important decorations in many homes each December is the Christmas tree, which is usually a freshly cut fir tree or

Home Renovation

Cost Control when Renovating

Tweet Low costs do not have to equal to low-quality finishes when it comes to a renovation project, as there are many ways to keep a tight lid on your

Home Structure

Unique Home Gift Ideas for Mom

Tweet Christmas presents with home renovation in mind. What will you be getting your mother this Christmas? If mother is advanced in age, widowed and finding it difficult to maintain

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What Everyone Should Know About Poinsettias

Tweet What you think you know about poinsettias may not be accurate or at least should be updated to reflect current information. In any case, if you are planning to


You Can Decorate Your Fireplace for Christmas

Tweet ‘Tis the season to decorate your home for Christmas! With Thanksgiving past and the Christmas Advent season here, hearts and homes are turning to all things holiday. You may