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General News

Making The Switch: Why Outlets And Light Switches Should Be Replaced

Tweet Home renovation projects often have homeowners looking at the big picture. Redecorating a room, replacing cabinets or lighting, and a number of other large scale projects. Often times homeowners

Heating and Cooling

Staying Cool in the Summer and Warm in the Winter

Tweet I’ve picked up quite a few tricks over the years. Here are the best of those tricks: Staying Cool in the Summer 1. Cool Yourself Strategically. The cooling effect

Exterior Home

Curb Appeal and Your Home

Tweet That appeal is often in the eye of the beholder, but there are some improvements you can make that will enhance its eye appeal quickly. 1. Make use of

Home Buying-Selling

Home Buying: Separating the Stellar From the Substandard

Tweet Established homes often have certain characteristics that the current owners like, but may include things that are not acceptable to you. If those discrepancies are small, such as the

Home Values

Housing Industry Back on its Feet: The Advantages of Good-performing Real Estate

Tweet According to one report of The Wall Street Journal’s, American home values rose to 5.1% between the months of February 2012 and February 2013. Additionally, the report  revealed


Five Ways to Reduce Allergens in the Home

Tweet But I know other people who suffer from other allergies year round, and many of the triggers are found in the home. These include dust, pet dander, and even


A Few Un-Boring Patio Flooring Ideas For The Summer

Tweet In renovating outdoor space, you’ll need to be aware of the flooring options available. If concrete, wood and brick are some of the choices that hit your mind, good

Home Buying-Selling

Extreme Staging for Home Sellers

Tweet She sees the clutter and you see a lived in home, but what you both may be missing is that only extreme staging will sell your home. Read on


Tips for Creating an Eye-Catching Staircase

Tweet But a good, tastefully-decorated staircase can have a real impact on the overall impression of your home – whether you’re operating on a large budget or a small budget,

Home Financing

How to Get Ready to Jump Back in to the Real Estate Market

Tweet Whether you plan to buy or sell a home, the following advice can help you to get ready. Review Your Credit If you plan to buy a home, your

Ponds and Fountains

Small Backyard Pond Considerations and Tips

Tweet Ponds provide water for wildlife and can attract a variety of birds and animals that may be absent from your yard at present. Building a small pond is a


Why Picking a Professional Ventilation Service is in a Homeowner’s Best Interest

Tweet Mould is also unsightly. Although it can be scrubbed off a wall with bleach, it will keep reappearing if a property still has poor ventilation. However, this difficult situation

Bed and Bath

How to Choose a Great Sofa Bed

Tweet The option that a lot of people are opting for is the humble sofa bed, and it is simply a sofa that extends out and turns into a bed.

Home Interior

Home Improvement Fraud: Cautions and Risks

Tweet Typically, scam artists show up in greater numbers following a storm, particularly one that leaves homes and properties damaged. This summer, flooding and wind damage have taken place across

Sun Room

How to Turn Your Conservatory into the Perfect Family Space

Tweet There are many benefits to having a conservatory, so don’t let it go to waste. Of course, if you’ve got very young children, you may want to hold off

Home Values

How to Maximize Your Home’s Valuation

Tweet Your appraiser may also look at your home from an entirely different perspective than your own, awarding you an increased value in one area, while dinging your home in

Home Structure

Toss That Junk: How to Get Rid of Unwanted Stuff

Tweet How to be environmentally mindful with your discards. You are proud of your accomplishment, but you are also left with the residue of your hard work: scraps of lumber,

Home Values

Key Considerations for Increasing Resale Value of Your Home

Tweet When it comes to real estate, adding value to your home certainly increases its resale value. There are several additions you can make and it doesn’t really matter where

Bed and Bath

How to Make Your Bathroom Sparkle

Tweet A glowing bathroom shows off both your home decor and your cleaning skills, and people will feel most impressed by a bathroom that sparkles. You are always limited at

Storage Space

Frugal DIY Home Storage Ideas

Tweet There are some great frugal ways to utilize the space in your home without needing a second home for storage or a bulldozer to get everything out. Below are