4 Bathroom Improvements That Make It More Enjoyable

4 Bathroom Improvements That Make It More Enjoyable
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    Bathrooms, old and new are what home comfort is all about.

    No matter what shape your bathroom is in, this multi-purpose space has the potential to provide a multi-purpose area to answer the call.


Since you’ll be sitting in there anyway. Why not use that time on the think-tank to create your favorite bathroom style.

If Size Matters

Bathroom sizes vary. Many bathrooms can be altered to provide more or less space, depending on the ultimate goal. Even if your bathroom space just needs some tweaking for a more inviting look, keeping the scale of sinks, toilets, showers and cabinets will be of interest for the best end result.

Smaller bathroom makeovers may desire to think big in a small space by incorporating a standing shower without a tub. This can make room for additional storage or cabinetry.

Larger bathrooms may want to include the convenience of everything from a bidet to a larger walk-in shower, to a well-organized linen area to towel heating elements for the whole family.

Bathroom size does matter during planning. Then again, so does your imagination.

Bathroom Pizzazz

Your bathrooms may just seem like household “fillers of necessity”. But with today’s higher standards of home comfort, bathrooms are now deemed a major hot spot to create a more enjoyable living space.

Need help? That’s where bathroom renovations come in.

The great news about a bathroom renovation is that it doesn’t have to break the bank. Even minor changes can deliver new and improved functionality.

Tired of that vanity? You should be looking at yourself in a smartly designed full-wall mirror with double-sink vanity, beautiful cabinetry, and quartz countertops.

If more is desired, repurposing and redesigning an entire bathroom can provide today’s modern edge, style, and motivation you’re looking for. There are plenty of do-it-yourself makeover ideas to inspire you, too.

shower systemsceramic floor tiles

      some bathroom remodelig ideas to consider      

Out With the Old

The most comfortable bathrooms invite a little bit of peace and quiet. They also offer family-friendly details that will help keep routines more manageable.

Rusty, stained tubs, sinks and faucets don’t really shout “use me”. They can act as health repellents, after all.

It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to replace that cruddy faucet. Grimy tubs, sinks, drain stops, light fixtures and hardware can easily be replaced or, cleaned and painted for a refreshed new finish.


Visit your local home improvement store for a peek at all of the new items that can turn your old bathroom dinginess into a bright and shiny new space.

Warm and Fuzzy

Wall color, surface colors, and bathroom decor each offer their own levels of comfort. Select pleasant colors that soothe the soul. Plush rugs, towels, and characteristic window treatments make the room feel private, personal and attractive.

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Making your bathroom your favorite quiet place is a pretty good idea, especially since you’ll spend time there on a daily basis. A clean and healthy bathroom will make all the difference.

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