Christmas Hearth Decorating Tips

Christmas Hearth Decorating Tips
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    The hearth is the heart of the home, where many families gather to celebrate the holidays, play games and to simply stay warm.

    That warmth may come from a traditional log fireplace or from a natural gas-supplied unit.


Even in homes where the fireplace is not lit, the hearth represents the focal point where decorations are displayed, relationships forged and memories are made.

At Christmas, the hearth can take on an expanded purpose, as families decorate the area around the fireplace with an assortment of garland, taking care to place potential flammable objects on top of mantles or on the floor at either side of the hearth. The following are some tips on hearth decorating at Christmas.

Nutcracker Soldiers

If you have enough room at the base of your fireplace to showcase a pair of Nutcracker soldiers, then go all out and look for a set of wooden soldiers. An oversized pair ranging from four to six feet tall and up to a foot wide can command an amazing presence, adding flair and distinction to any room. Young mouths will squeal in sheer delight at the look of such commanding sentries.
Look for a pair made of traditional green, blue and red uniforms and holding a golden halberd in one hand. Of wood construction, you will want to place your soldiers far enough from the heat to preserve its paint. Don’t skimp in your choice of design as each soldier will cost you about $400, but offer many years of decorative delight and family memories.

Tool Sets and Log Holder

Keep your hearth decorations simple, yet functional by placing a wrought iron log holder on one side of the hearth and a fireplace tool set on the other side. Go beyond placing big, red bows on top of each one and update your tools for the holidays.

Take each one outside, clean the surfaces off with a wire brush to remove flaking paint and rust. Hose off and when dry apply a fresh coat of spray paint to add some color that might have been missing previously. Choose silver or gold to give it a look that is both seasonal and elegant at any time of the year. Let dry and apply a second coat. Do not forget to turn over each tool to spray on all sides.

Hearth Rug

One of the easiest ways to strike visual interest in your hearth is to choose a seasonal hearth rug to place immediately in front of it. Such rugs are typically semi-oval, with the flat side placed along the edge of the hearth. Choose one that measures the length of your fireplace opening.

A hearth rug should be fire-resistant, durable and well made. For visual interest, choose one that has scalloped edges and features the reds, greens, golds and silvers of the Christmas season. Or look for one that includes seasonal colors, but can be kept on display until spring arrives.

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