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How to Mix Country with Contemporary

With the right balance of design touches, you can achieve that perfect combination of traditional and modern features without the overall effect looking eclectic or out of place – unlesss of course, that’s what you’re going for!

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Where to Buy the Perfect Plant

Buying that perfect plant doesn’t have to be a challenge. As long as you know you’re looking in the right place, you can easily find it.

Home Decor

8 Budget-Minded Christmas Decorating Tips

You’re all set to beautify your home for Christmas, but you’re also coming up short in the holiday decorations department. A trip to your local home center can remedy this problem, with you coming home with shopping bags filled with new, but expensive Christmas decorations.

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Making your Home that Little More Personal – Getting the Small Things Right

If you’re going to really make a house a home, then you need to look past the big changes.

Home Interior Design

Shabby Chic: Home Decor Projects that Will Add Some Bling Without Too Much Ka-Ching

Decorating your home is a perfect avenue for expressing creativity. Decor does not need to be elaborate or costly to have the appearance that it was designed by a professional.

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Five Tips to Make a Small Room Seem More Spacious

No matter how beautiful your home is, there may be one room you dread going into because of its small size. At a house we lived in years ago, the back bedroom was so tiny we ended up transforming it into an office.

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12 Tips and Tricks for Decorating Small Spaces

Whether you are decorating a small bedroom, a foyer, or a living room that isn’t exactly the size that you want it to be, making the most of your space is crucial.

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Decoration for Renters

There is a wealth of advice on how to decorate, renovate and rejuvenate homes – whether you’re looking to try a bit of feng shui, go minimal or upgrade to a more luxurious décor.

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Holiday Home Décor Ideas

Tweet Make your house look holiday ready with just a few simple ideas, which can be done in a day! We all want our house to look welcoming, festive and

Home Interior Design

How to Design a Seaside Cottage

Tweet Interior walls should be muted in soft shades of white, cream or pale blue for a relaxing and peaceful ambience, and a taste of the sea can be added