Transform Your Bonus Room Into a Treasured Retreat

Transform Your Bonus Room Into a Treasured Retreat
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    Kitchens, living areas, dining rooms and bedrooms are essential to every house, but ask some homeowners which room makes all the difference for them and that would be the bonus room.


The term “bonus room” is a relatively newer phrase, one that describes an extra bedroom, a den or a spare room that may not have any clear purpose, hence the “bonus” appellation. You can transform your current bonus room into a treasured retreat by incorporating a few simple design ideas.

From Drab to Fab

Bleak white walls are hardly inviting and that’s what basic bonus rooms feature. Toss the white and bring in the bright, or choose a more muted color scheme that provides the ideal place to wind down the day.

Use sandy texture paint on the walls for added dimension and include new window treatments that add visual interest. You can keep the sheer curtains while adding hanging a swag that gives pop to the room.

Update the Fabric

Your bonus room may have acquired your previous living room set. That pattern no longer seems right for the main part of your house, so why condemn it to the bonus room? For budget reasons, most likely.

Reupholstering is one option, but an expensive one at that. Instead, you might consider recovering just the seat cushions especially if the furniture pattern is solid one as you find with leather — black, brown or tan. Choose a vibrant pattern that both complements and offsets the current look for a contrast that helps to breath fresh life into your bonus room.

Make it Two Spaces

Perhaps you use your bonus room for two purposes such as an office and an exercise room. The look seems odd, but you need not make this an “either or” proposition. Instead, divide the room in half by placing a large cabinet in the center of the room to divide the two areas. Place a television set in the cabinet and have it face the exercise area. Or, install a swivel shelf where the TV can be turned around to face the other area as desired.

Consider also installing a built-in bookcase across one wall to free up floor space. Make use of shelving, display areas and cabinet space to house audio equipment, a television, mementos and more.

Move Furniture Into Place

At first glance, what sort of story does your bonus room tell? “I’m cluttered” or “I’m disorganized” just might be two stories. A third might say, “I’m not at all functional.” Your bonus room should be warm and inviting, but your furniture may get in the way — literally!

One way to get around the furniture layout problem is to move your pieces around. For rooms where the number of furnishings are limited, you can group them together for maximum visual impact. A matching sofa and chair can be placed side by side to give the look of a singular, larger piece. Creating distinct seating areas can be beneficial too, with one group for infotainment and another group for quiet reading.

Bonus Room Considerations

What you don’t want to do to any bonus room is to overwhelm the senses with too much furniture or by using color schemes that run contrary to its main function. Subdued colors are ideal for a room used for reading or studying, while bright colors can make a playroom or an entertainment area shine. With the latter, consider playful patterns including funky color schemes such as retro stripes and circles, making use of stand out paintings and mood lighting to set the tone for your treasured retreat.

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