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Lawn Care

How to Winterize Your Lawn Mower

Tweet Months of inactivity can take its toll on your lawn mower if you simply store it without preparing it for the colder weather. Winterizing your lawn mower can be

Home Structure

Essential Last-Minute Fall Renovations That Last

Tweet It’s likely that there are many little maintenance projects you’ve contemplated performing—the tasks you know conscientious homeowners should perform. But in this economy, it’s certainly easy to ask “Do

Bed and Bath

Is it Time to Update Your Showerhead?

Tweet A one-hour project for your Saturday. Moving walls, adding a room to the back of the house and finishing the basement are each important and significant, but small changes

Home Decor

7 Home Remodeling Horror Stories

Tweet In honor of or perhaps in spite of Hallowe’en, we bring to you the following home remodeling horror stories. Be afraid. Be very afraid! 1. Exposed pipes in the

Yard and Garden

Four Conversation Starting Features for Your Back Yard

Tweet A Modular Rattan Dining Set Every garden needs a focal point and a circular Rattan garden set like the ones at Shackletons are guaranteed to get your guests talking


How Give Long Life to Your Floor

Tweet Woods are prone to scratch and dent because of its nature, hence below mentioned tips will let you know to protect it with proper care: Do sweeping and vacuuming

Energy Savings

6 Energy-Efficient Insulation Tips for this Winter

Tweet The pure bliss of sitting by the window with a steaming hot cuppa in hand and watching the first snowflakes of the season drifting down on to the driveway.

Home Decor

Tips for Cleaning Your Wood Furniture

Tweet Fortunately, wood care is not all that complicated, something you can accomplish with a little elbow grease on your part. Cleaning With Care You may note that your wood

Window Treatments

5 Tips to Make Your Windows More Exciting

Tweet These five tips will help to bring out the natural beauty in your home and create a beautiful focal point for any room. Hang Curtains Curtains and drapes are

Home Financing

Home Renovation Mortgage Considerations

Tweet HomePath Financing Qualifications To qualify for HomePath financing, you must shop for Fannie Mae-owned properties. If you qualify you’ll be entitled to a low down payment, avoid mortgage insurance,

General News

Cash-Out Refinancing and Your Home

Tweet Even if your home’s value plunged during the Great Recession of 2008, your home may have recouped much of that loss over the following years. If you desire to

Kitchen and Dining

Retro Inspiration: A History of Kitchen Design

Tweet Kitchen design has come a long way since then but there is no doubt that aspects of past design crazes still resonate in modern kitchens today. This kitchen design

Bed and Bath

Cheap and Chic ways to Renovate your Bedroom

Tweet Our work suffers, our family life suffers and we lack the energy to properly enjoy our personal time. For this reason, you should renovate your bedroom and convert it


How To Clean Various Types Of Carpet Stains?

Tweet Before starting to clean any stain from the carpet, it is essential to blot the stain. Also, before applying any cleaning method or solution, it’s better to know the


Potty About Patios: Style Inspiration From Around The World

Tweet While sprawling gardens may be the preferred choice for those with a lot of land to play with, patios are most definitely a fantastic way to utilise smaller amounts

Kitchen and Dining

Modern Trends in Kitchen Appliances and Accessories

Tweet Those new homes were outfitted with contemporary kitchens filled with new and colorful appliances that many Americans began to enjoy for the very first time. More than 60 years

Home Renovation

5 Ways to Bring your Backyard Inside

Tweet If you’re up for some additional projects, here are some backyard staples that can just as easily be implemented on the inside of your home. Fire Pit Not just

Kitchen and Dining

6 Contemporary Kitchen Countertop Solutions

Tweet There are several surface options available to you including the following. 1. Granite countertops — Granite just may be the most popular choice for homeowners and that should be

Bed and Bath

When Your Bathroom Smells Like Poop

Tweet Still, the unmistakeable smell of poop won’t go away, pointing to a likely sewer problem. Left untended, the sewer smell can make you nauseous or give you a headache.

Home Buying-Selling

Why Home Staging Should Be Part of Your Selling Plan

Tweet Here, we take a look at what precisely home staging is, and how it can make all the difference when it comes to selling or buying a house. Home