Setting the Stage for Stagetecture

Setting the Stage for Stagetecture
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    When everything is completed and functional in a new (or sometimes existing) home, it may be called a "turn-key" situation.

    But until the fingerprints of your style are all over it, it's just another house.


From the time the last items are moved in–or even if you’ve been moved in for years–you’re looking for ways to personalize your home according to your tastes and preferences.

Maybe you’re in an amazing French Eclectic in Monte Vista, or something newer in Five Points. Whatever corner of Texas–or the nation–you call home, it will be more your home when you customize it.

The process of executing those customizations is very exciting and simultaneously nerve-racking. It’s stressful enough to make all the decisions about colors and designs without running into issues that can wreck the process. 

Before you head out to the interior design store, make sure your home is ready for full-on decor.

Are Home Systems Accessible?

Pipes, wires, HVAC ducts, and cables of all kinds have this terrible habit of being inside walls. It’s far better than having to see them, but they can really interrupt your design.

If you’re in that newer home at Five Points, you can probably track down blueprints or the contractor and get some help locating these items. An older home will be anyone’s guess.

Even if you are able to avoid their paths, home systems don’t need to be blocked in. Finished basements should feature, ideally, a hanging ceiling that permits access to overhead systems, or at least the occasional access panel. Properly decorated, they are inconspicuous and will rescue your décor from future damage when repairs are needed.

Laundry and other functional areas should have provisions for those rude interruptions known as leaks. You want your home to look great, but it does still have to function too!

Could Weather Cause Problems?

San Antonio is an arid city, but flash floods still strike. Doing what you can to prepare for that eventuality will minimize the losses you’ll incur.

There’s no way to guess where leaks might be, but gravity dictates that we be prepared for water to move toward the lowest available places, so incorporate floor drains where appropriate.

When the rain gauge gets that unexpected assault and the water makes its way into your home, rapid cleanup can minimize the damage to sensitive materials like carpets, fabric, and paints.

According to the San Antonio-based Dry Force rapid water removal service, flood damage can even cause dangerous microbial growth, including mold and mildew. Mold reduces the value of your home and is difficult to remove. 

Can The Structure Tolerate It?

That amazing wrought-iron piece you’d like to hang on the living room wall may only be a temporary occupant if the wall has weak areas unable to support its weight. Your chosen light fixtures may pull enough additional wattage to trip an already-loaded breaker.

Spend some time investigating your home’s technical capacities to make sure that your plans won’t be circumvented by its shortcomings. Make needed repairs, and if that proves to complex or costly, be thankful that you found out before investing in items you can’t use.

The process of stagetecture in the home can build value, create excitement, and increase the visibility of your personality in your personal space. When you plan ahead and anticipate problems, you’ll maximize your enjoyment and minimize disruptions.

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