8 Budget-Minded Christmas Decorating Tips

8 Budget-Minded Christmas Decorating Tips
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    You're all set to beautify your home for Christmas, but you're also coming up short in the holiday decorations department.

    A trip to your local home center can remedy this problem, with you coming home with shopping bags filled with new, but expensive Christmas decorations.


Just as easily as spending money on your holiday decor, you may find that you have the makings of new, festive ornamentation available around your home. Please read on for some tips on how to take what you already own and transform these items into beautiful Christmas adornments.

1. Transform empty wine bottles. For an enchanting look, take empty wine bottles and place candles within each one. Light and allow the wax to drip down the sides of each bottle for a truly inspiring look.

2. Decorate cylindrical glass containers. A vase or other clear container can be repurposed to hold candy canes. Tie each cane with a bright red bow and set filled containers on end tables, on top of bookcases or on a fireplace mantle. Or, you can fill each container with your colorful, glass ornaments.

3. Give pine cones a makeover. If you live where fir trees are in abundance, collect fallen pine cones and spray paint each cone in holiday colors, choosing gold, white or some other desired color. Add glitter for sparkle and place these in clear, empty bowls or baskets. Tie the basket with a matching gold or contrasting red bow. Add in fir sprigs, if desired.

4. Make homemade luminaries. It is a tradition within some homes and communities to light luminaries to welcome the Christ child on Christmas Eve. Take your white lunch bags and fill these with two inches of sand or dirt and seat a votive candle within a translucent candle holder in each bag. Strategically place each bag along the driveway or sidewalk and light them up.

5. Make your own tree. No money for a tree this year? Or, are you simply pressed for room? You can take your existing Christmas lights and form a tree pattern on any wall. Simply tack these lights into place and plug it in — your wall hanging tree is now a decor statement maker!

6. Consider other uses for ornaments. You can string ornamental balls together, using red or gold ribbon to connect as many as six together. Tie or hang on hooks or place on a mantle, along the top of a shelf, across a table top or on a door handle.

7. Make use of stencils. If you have small children, they will love to help you especially if stencils are involved. Have your children cut out snowflake designs and stamp or stencil these to a large, dark backdrop such as oversized construction paper or to a blank canvas. Add in stars, snowmen and other Christmas shapes and use the design to occupy a bare wall.

8. Decorate with Christmas cards. If you send and receive Christmas cards, you can frame any door with the cards you receive. You can also display cards by clipping them a wreath card holder, arranging the cards in a shape of a tree and taping to a blank wall or creating a collage and bringing divergent cards together into a singular look surrounded by a frame.

Decorate This

There are more ways to decorate your home than can possibly be mentioned here. Use what you have, including what you might otherwise throw out, and come up with ways to create unique and interesting designs.

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