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Doors and Windows

Give Your Home a Clean and Modern Look with Roller Blinds

Although curtains have been chosen for scores of domestic properties, there is an alternative which comes in the form of roller blinds.


Fire Pits vs. Patio Heaters

If you are thinking about heating an outdoor space or patio, then there are two alternate ways in which you can do this. There are patio heaters or fire pits, and both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages.

General News

Stone Architechture

While it is not the most complex stone structure in existence, the circle of stone known as Stonehenge in England is one of the oldest known stone architecture sites in Britain.

Home Interior Design

5 Ways to Give Your Home a Designer Finish for Less

Everybody loves a designer look but few can afford the expense of hiring a designer or buying design furniture. However, with a little research and DIY, you can accomplish similar results for far less.

Kitchen and Dining

Kitchen Care: This Recipe Calls for a Splash of Color

Drab kitchens are hardly inviting and can quickly dull the senses of even the intrepid chef. While a new copper or granite countertop can spark visual interest, the easiest and most cost effective updates are those that add a splash of color.

Garden Maintenance

How to Maintain a Healthy Garden

They say never judge a book by its cover but many people do and the very first thing you notice about a home is its lawn.

Home Interior Design

6 Quick Room Makeovers for Profound Results

Not every update to your home means taking on an extensive home improvement project. For time-pressed and budget-constrained households, there are ways you can refresh your look and do so quickly and within budget.

Home Structure

5 DIY Projects to Leave to the Pros

The Internet is filled with tips, tricks and all sorts of DIY projects to help you save money and live better. But sometimes tackling a project yourself will only leave you frustrated, in debt and with a bigger problem than you had before.

Fences and Gates

Coyotes on the Prowl: Identification and Control

The coyote is common to North America, its range extending from Alaska through much of Canada, all across the United States and Mexico, and points further south. Coyotes are large canines and may breed with wolves and large dogs.

General News

Is Your Home at Risk of Flood?

In the past, engineers, surveyors and geographers would probably be the only specialists interested in flood hazard management, but now, flood inundation and erosion models have become important documents for anyone considering buying a house in the UK.

Sun Room

Tips for Styling Your Conservatory

The basic style of a conservatory can make it difficult to decorate properly – you want a space that benefits from the sunlight that typically fills a conservatory, yet doesn’t diminish on rainier or generally gloomier days.


Various Questions on First Time Sanding

Hardwood floors are very pretty to look at and extremely functional at the same time. But over the years as you use the floors, there are chances of wear and tear to happen. The original glamour to the whole look is lost as well.

Home Financing

How to Get Out of Home Refinancing Debt

Your home improvement project was a spectacular success, enabling you to complete your update with time and money to spare. Your modified home is a delight, promising to give you years of satisfaction.


Summer Garden Renovation Ideas on a Budget

Garden renovations are no easy feat, but with so many flowers and plants in bloom and summer in air, it’s hard to resist the need to do so.

Heating and Cooling

7 Smart Ways to Keep Your House Cool

Invariably, the first heat wave of the season will hit and mostly everyone you know will be taken by surprise. But not you.

Home Buying-Selling

Close the Deal: Home Buyer Essentials

Every home owner that has listed his house for sale would like to have a qualified buyer step forward as soon as possible in the listing process. The longer a home stays on the market, the harder it is for it to sell.

Living/Family Room

The Finishing Touches: Make Your Living Room Pop

Do you live in your dream house? If you do, then we’re jealous, but most of us don’t have that luxury quite yet. Luckily there are short cuts that allow you to flex your creative muscles without breaking the bank.

Roofing and Gutters

Start at the Top: Roof Energy Efficiency Tips

Energy efficiency is a big deal right now and one of the ways that homeowners can keep a lid on their energy bills is to make sure that their roof is doing its job in delivering the savings that can be achieved.

Outdoor Structures

Vineyard Trellising – For Ensuring Good Grape Yields

To secure the grape vines, a trellis is required to be set up. The integral part of any vineyard has a well-constructed grape trellis. It helps you in growing good quality grapes. You need to have passion and knowledge about growing them.


Interior Decorator: Hire One or Not?

You are planning a major makeover for the inside of your home, a sizable investment that you hope will yield a more cozier living environment.