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Holiday Decor

Top 10 Tips and Tricks for Decorating Your Home During Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras is a very fun holiday celebrated worldwide, as it’s the last chance to have fun before Lent begins.

Holiday Decor

7 Unique Ideas For Affordable Thanksgiving Home Decorations

Tweet Thanksgiving is a special day in America, though some of us may forget why that is. It’s first and foremost a holiday that honors the history of America. And

Holiday Decor

Practical Guide to Making Room for Holiday Guests

Tweet If you’re already tight on space as it is, here are a few ideas that can help you maximize the square footage per person as you prepare for holiday

Seasonal Decor

5 Budget friendly Ways to Deck Up Your Home for the Holidays!

For cheap holiday decorating, you only need to use your creativity. You can use natural resources, old world items, cans and bottles, fabric cutouts and even brown paper bags! Read on to find out more.

Holiday Decor

6 Tips for Holiday Party Prep

Tweet Here are 6 tips to make your party planning and hosting a little easier this year. Make Room for the Food Nothing is worse than coming home from “party

Holiday Decor

Easy & Affordable Décor Ideas to Transform Your Home This Holiday Season

Tweet Over the years your home décor may have become tired and outdated, but for those of you that can’t afford to commission an interior design overhaul to incorporate the

Holiday Decor

Easter Home Decor Tips and Ideas

Barely had we recovered from the turkey-based excesses of Christmas than the Easter eggs were lining the supermarket shelves. There are the celebrations, the bunnies, the commercialism, the cakes, the chocolate, the eggs and all that yellow

Home Renovation

Simple Home Renovations in Time for the Holidays

Your home is your castle, but years of neglect can leave it looking less-than-stately. Regular renovations will help you avoid having to do a major overhaul during the holidays and will help make your home shine.

Home Decor

8 Budget-Minded Christmas Decorating Tips

You’re all set to beautify your home for Christmas, but you’re also coming up short in the holiday decorations department. A trip to your local home center can remedy this problem, with you coming home with shopping bags filled with new, but expensive Christmas decorations.

Home Decor

Post Holiday Clean Up while Prepping for the 2012 Holiday Season

As you start to put away your holiday decorations, it is the ideal time to assess what you already have and what you may need for the next holiday season.

Home Interior Design

Holiday Home Décor Ideas

Tweet Make your house look holiday ready with just a few simple ideas, which can be done in a day! We all want our house to look welcoming, festive and

Home Interior Design

Preparing Your Home for Holiday Visitors

Tweet The holiday season is right around the corner and with the onset of holiday season comes many visits from family and friends. Follow these few tips on how to