6 Tips for Holiday Party Prep

6 Tips for Holiday Party Prep
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    The holidays are the perfect time to throw parties with friends and families, but sometimes, it’s easier said than done.


Here are 6 tips to make your party planning and hosting a little easier this year.

Make Room for the Food

Nothing is worse than coming home from “party shopping,” only to find that you have no room in the fridge or pantry for your purchases! Before you go shopping, take inventory of what you already have and can use for recipes, etc. Then, toss any expired food and store away dry items that you won’t be using in the near future. Make some room in the pantry for the party crackers, and carve space out in the fridge for fresh items and, eventually, platters of hors d’oeuvres.  

Find Appropriate Seating

Assess your seating needs based on the type of party you are hosting. Is it a sit-down dinner, a cocktail party, a game night? Each of these events will require different types and amounts of seating options. If you want to encourage mingling at a cocktail party, cut seating to a minimum, and create small conversational vignettes rather than a straight line of chairs along the wall.

Try to branch out from the ugly aluminum folding chairs by finding cute colored or wooden folding chairs. These can be inexpensive, and a good investment. Folding chairs can easily be stowed in closets or under beds, then pulled out when needed. For the frequent party hostess, folding chairs are indispensable.

Create a Reception Area

Receive your guests in style with a welcoming entryway! Spiff up the outdoor porch by clearing out any cobwebs or fallen leaves. Make sure you have a welcome mat for guests to wipe their shoes off and that all the porch lights are working.

Inside, create an area where guests can leave their purses and coats. This might be a bench, wall hooks, or a coat stand. If you prefer, you may also designate a room or closet to store guest’s belongings. Simply take their coats at the door and take them to the designated area. Just make sure your guests don’t forget their belongings when they leave!

Clean the Commode

You should clean your home before a party anyway, but the most important room to clean and prepare for guests is the bathroom. Apart from the general hosting area, the bathroom will probably be the most used room during the party. Make sure it is sparkling by deep-cleaning it a few days prior to the party, then giving it a good wipe down the day of. Thoroughly clean and sanitize the toilet, sink, and counter, along with wiping down the mirrors.

Also be sure to stock up on toilet paper, and place it in a visible spot. You don’t want your guests to be left in a tight spot! You should also provide a plunger, just in case that eggnog doesn’t sit too well. There is nothing more embarrassing than asking the party host if they have a plunger. Avoid the situation entirely by placing the tool in a convenient spot, and let party-goers solve their own problems. If you have any specific plumbing problems (maybe due to an old house), be sure to inform guests.

Ready the Guest Room

While you may just be planning for the party to last a few hours, you never know when you might be placed with an overnight guest. Ready your guest room with clean sheets and pillows, just in case someone needs to “sleep it off.” This is also helpful if a guest becomes ill and needs to rest for a while. You might also consider placing hotel-sized toiletries and fresh towels in the room, should they be necessary.

Set the Mood

Finally, it’s time to set the mood for your holiday bash. Create a music playlist for your guests to enjoy throughout the party. Gather up candles to place on tables and counters to add a nice glow—just be sure they don’t have conflicting scents! Adjust the thermostat to accommodate warm bodies and cold weather. As hostess, you are tasked to create a comfortable environment for your guests.

With these 6 tips, you will be able to focus more on your guests than on the party stress. This year, you will enjoy your party more than ever before!

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Leslie Mason is a homemaker and garden expert. Leslie enjoys writing, gardening, do-it-yourself projects, and throwing parties. She stays busy fixing up the house with quality service providers like Always Plumbing & Heating.



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