Practical Guide to Making Room for Holiday Guests

Practical Guide to Making Room for Holiday Guests
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    The holidays are upon us, which means one thing for people who live a long distance from other relatives – house guests.

    In any given year you could easily be hosting out-of-town family members for the holidays.


If you’re already tight on space as it is, here are a few ideas that can help you maximize the square footage per person as you prepare for holiday guests.

Create Two Spaces With Room Dividers

If you only have one extra bedroom but really need two separate spaces, room dividers are a great solution. This will create a sense of privacy even when two people are sharing the room, but there’s no need for extra walls and they are easy to use. Room dividers really do make a room more versatile, which is perfect during the holidays.

Declutter and Clean

Another easy trick to increase living space is to declutter and clean. It’s amazing how much space clutter can take up in a home. Getting rid of all the extra stuff will make any space seem larger.

One space to really focus on decluttering is the shared bathroom. Guests will have their own bath products and need somewhere to put them. You’ll also need to make space for extra towels, soap, etc. Clear out all the knick-knacks, bottles that barely have any product left and any other clutter.

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Another spot to clear out before guests arrive is the fridge. With more people in the house, you’ll naturally have more foods and beverages stocked up.

Convert Your Kid’s Room Into a Hostel-Style Space

Do you have a few kids coming to stay at your house? Have a kid of your own? Then designate that bedroom as the kid’s room. A few twin air mattresses are all you need to increase the sleeping space. During the day they can deflate the beds and have an area to play.

Create a Kid Den

Another option is to convert a den or second living area into the kid’s room. It’s a good idea if you need an extra room for several children. Kids need a little less privacy than adults. Plus, they get a kick out of slumber party-style living arrangements.

Finally Get the Basement Fixed Up

A basement is a bonus room in many homes, but often they’re unfinished. If you have a month to plan ahead of time you can do a few things to make the area livable.

  • Put down flooring in the basement. The easiest option is to put an epoxy coating on the concrete floor and lay down a few big rugs. However, laminate flooring could be more cost effective. For less than $400 you can cover a 250 square foot space with laminate.
  • Use a basement finishing system for the walls and/or ceiling. A truly unfinished basement will have exposed walls and ceiling. Insulating and adding dry wall can get every expensive very quick. A basement finishing system is a more affordable alternative. The pre-insulated panels can be used to install walls and a drop ceiling in less than two weeks.
  • Add floor lamps. Unless you plan to do electrical work, there’s probably a single overhead light in the basement. Adding a couple floor lamps will help illuminate the space without spend more than $50-100.
  • Add a sleeper sofa. Buying a bed will require a frame, headboard, baseboard and mattress. Or you could just buy a sleeper sofa. It’s simple, more affordable and offers better versatility.

It’s a little bit of an investment, but a basement remodel can be your gift to yourself. Once the guests are gone you have a bonus room to use for basically whatever you want.

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Convert the Office

You probably won’t be working much over the holidays while guests are in town. All you need is an air mattress and extra bedding to turn the office into a bedroom. If you have a convertible couch/daybed that’s even better. Organizing and clearing off the desk is also a must so the guest can use it as a nightstand. If you need the floor space put the desk chair in one of the living areas.

Living Room Glamping

Another great option for kids is to set up a small tent in the living area or a sunroom. All they need is a few pillows and sleeping bags and they’ll be ready for bed. They can even zip it up to feel like they have their own space, and it also helps with noise control.

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