Top 10 Tips and Tricks for Decorating Your Home During Mardi Gras

Top 10 Tips and Tricks for Decorating Your Home During Mardi Gras
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    Mardi Gras is a very fun holiday celebrated worldwide, as it's the last chance to have fun before Lent begins.


Party goers should dress in bright costumes in traditional Mardi Gras colors with bead garlands.

The traditional colors of Mardi Gras are: purple, gold and green. You can add these colors with spray paint and spray glitter. The success of your Mardi Gras party will rest largely in your decor. So, it’s important to make a checklist of basic party stuff for Mardi Gras decor.

Basic Mardi Gras Decor Checklist:

  • colorful streamers
  • party poppers
  • mardi gras masks
  • hats with different mardi gras slogans

Supplies Checklist

You’ll also need a basic list of supplies to arrange/create your mardi gras home decor items:

  • scissors
  • glue
  • tapes
  • colored strings
  • ribbons
  • colored papers
  • ladder for hanging decor or sticking them on the walls.

Get Decoration

Now you are ready to put things together for a fun and eventful Mardi Gras without having to travel to New Orleans. Let’s list them:

  • 1. Food

    New Orleans is the home of Mardi Gras. So, it makes sense then that Shrimp jambalaya, a mainstay in New Orleans, is the main dish during Mardi Gras. The shrimp should be served on skewers arranged in glass vases, not on platters!

    For drinks, serve Sazerac, which is the traditional drink of New Orleans. Finally for dessert, serve a king cake decorated in purple, green and gold.

  • 2. Banner

    Add a big banner on the front wall for everyone to see.

  • 3. Papers

    Put colored papers on walls with Mardi Gras messages. Optional: put the names of guests on the papers to make them feel special.

  • 4. Ribbons

    Hang colorful ribbons from the walls and ceiling.

  • 5. Balloons

    Get colorful balloons with Mardi Gras messages

  • 6. Trinkets

    Glue trinkets throughout your home.

  • 7. Masks

    Put some Mardi Gras masks on the walls and also give some to your guests; this is very important for Mardi Gras decor.

    Mardi Gras masks typically contain sequins, feathers and faux jewels. If you want to make your own masks (cardboard is recommended for those on a budget), you can use spray paint. Try to also give them swirls, squiggles and dots.

  • 8. Stickers

    Get stickers you can stick on your cups, plates, and even colored papers to give a cool look to your Mardi Gras decor.

  • 9. Bead Garlands

    Put bead garlands in glass jars. You can also string them as streamers, or give one to each guest when they arrive.

  • 10. Tablecloths And Runners

    Dye your tablecloths and runners. Use different colors like purples, bright green and pink. Layer them to show contrasting color differences. Finally, add a black table runner down the center of each table to keep a consistent look going.

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