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General News

Huge Foreclosure Discounts Available In Some Markets

If you’re shopping for a new home this year and are willing to relocate, then you may want to consider certain markets where foreclosed homes sold for less than half the value of comparable homes not in foreclosure.

Home Interior

5 Can’t Miss Home Renovation Projects

You’re looking to make some changes to your home, but you understand that not every project is worth pursing. Ideally, for every dollar you spend on renovations, it would be great if that dollar was added to the value of your home.

Closet Systems

How to Declutter a Closet

Simple steps to help organize your clothing closet.

Doors and Windows

Window Tint, Cost Savings, Our Environment and You

Window tinting, when it’s installed on a home, is designed to be a protective barrier from unwelcome elements.

Home Interior

You Can Renovate Your Stairs

Live in any home long enough and you’ll be undertaking repairs, perhaps a major renovation. One area of the home that is easy to overlook is its stairs, particularly those that lead from the first floor to the second floor.

Home Interior

Home Improvement Preparation Tips

If you’re planning a home improvement project this year there are several things you’ll want to take care of being starting your project.

Outdoor Structures

Should You Renovate or Replace Your Wood Shed?

Your shed may not have cost you much, but it could be costly to replace. That’s especially so if you have an eye for a new shed that requires a permanent foundation and is of wood construction with hardy plank siding, a center beam and posts.

Home Decor

Post Holiday Clean Up while Prepping for the 2012 Holiday Season

As you start to put away your holiday decorations, it is the ideal time to assess what you already have and what you may need for the next holiday season.

Kitchen and Dining

How to Find Affordable Dining Room Furniture

The expression, “you get what you paid for” certainly describes dining room furniture. You can choose complete sets that include a table, six or more chairs, a server and a china closet, made of the finest cherry woods and outfitted with custom fabrics.

Roofing and Gutters

How to Clear Snow From Your Roof

In between storms is the time when you’ll want to take care of the snow on your roof. Prevent ice dams from forming and lighten the load by considering the following options.

Tools and Materials

How to Choose a Cordless Drill

If you recently bought your first home or are a longer term owner considering what tools to have on hand, a cordless drill should be a part of your power equipment inventory.


7 Tips on Finding the Right Contractor

You’re about ready to embark on a major home improvement project, one where you’ll need to hire a general contractor to oversee the work.

Heating and Cooling

You Can Reduce Your High Winter Heating Bills

You can expect several more months of winter heating bills, but your future expenses don’t have to be as high as last month’s bill.

Home Financing

What’s In Your Credit Score?

If you’re considering undertaking a major home renovation project, you may also be planning to take out a loan to cover those costs.

Home Financing

When NOT to Refinance Your Home

The push to encourage homeowners to refinance is a strong one with lenders, bankers and other interested parties dangling low, fixed rates that are almost hard to believe.

Lighting and Decor

Renovation Inspiration: Lighting

One important home improvement project that is easy to undertake, cost effective and can yield important changes is your home’s lighting. For the exterior of your home, flood lights can light up your home and provide an important safety advantage. On the interior of your home, lighting can do wonders to brighten up a room or offer subtleties to reflect your mood.